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This post describes and shares Astrologer gameplay in Elden Ring and offers guidance in the early stages of gameplay especially in the first two zones one will fully explore (Limgrave and Weeping Peninsula). Boss fights, map fragment locations, dungeon walkthroughs, and some game puzzle solving are described all from the Astrologer point of view.

Elden Ring Astrologer – Ranged Gameplay

When I played world of warcraft, I played frost mage. Parsed at in 99th percentile world wide against a boss named Operator Thogar back in the day. When playing Elden Ring, I feel like I’m playing world of warcraft, in a way, without all the drama of a guild who can’t down Mythic bosses because they lack skill. Frost mage in wow was ranged dps so I picked a ranged class in Elden Ring, Astrologer. I downed Margit the Fell, the first “boss” before you can enter Stormveil Castle, solo.

Elden Ring Astrologer – Early Game Play in West Limgrave

The first thing anyone should do in Elden Ring is get the spirit horse Torrent. This is accomplished when you visit your third lost site of grace. A movie will automatically start with Melina giving you a whistle to summon you Torrent who’s clutch in helping you get out of trouble. You’ll discover Dragon Burnt Ruins, one of the first places to make some levels and practice combat. You’ll discover Church of Elleh with a vendor and a place to upgrade your weapons using smithing stones. And, you’ll find Grove Side Cave, the first “optional” dungeon called Grove Side Cave.

Apparently, if you’re playing Samurai, you’ll want to defeat the boss of Grove Side Cave as soon as a possible. You’ll find Gatefront Ruins, a place to clear and learn combat, and find the West Limgrave map fragment which will fill in your map in the game. Each zone has a map fragment to discover. The east limgrave map fragment is pretty easy to find and you’ll have the entire map for Limgrave, the starting zone of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Limgrave Best Dungeons to Complete

The dungeons in Limgrave are, apparently, optional. However, Limgrave Tunnels is a dungeon you want to complete because you’ll find smithing stones. Elden Ring’s most recent patch made it easier to find early game smithing stones level one and smithing stones level 2. You’ll want to complete Murkwater Catacombs and Deathtouched Catacombs for Grave Glovewort and Ghose Gloveworth to upgrade spirit ashes.

Elden Ring First Zone to Explore – Weeping Peninsula

Weeping Peninsula lies to the south of Limgrave and is a good place to early game level. I guess you could go to Liurnia of the Lakes to the north as you can bypass Stormveil Castle and access Liurnia of the Lakes via a secret path. Hit Ordys’s Rise, solve the three wise beasts puzzle and you’ll get a Memory Stone.

Weeping Peninsula Dungeons to Complete

Apparently, Elden Ring dungeons are optional but you’ll want early game smithing stones and glovewort. You’ll want to complete Morne Tunnel for smithing stones. You’ll want to complete Tombsward Catacombs and Impaler’s Catacombs for glovewort.

The other “optional” minor dungeons may have loot you want and dungeons are a great place to farm runes and learn the mob fights to the boss making sure you can clear the mobs to the boss like a pro. Some bosses I have absolutely melted as ranged. Some bosses I died to a lot and can’t really imagine playing melee in this game as it must get add crazy. Earthbore Cave or Tombsward Cave may contain items or crafting materials.

Godrick the Grafted

He’s the boss of Stormveil Castle. I one shot him at level 73. Astrologer ranged game play at it’s finest.