April 14, 2017 | Posted in: Cleveland Browns

Hey Paul, the 2017 NFL draft is measured in days …. are you going to pick Mitch Trubisky?

Or are you going to build a defense?  And no one is going to blame you for taking OJ Howard with the twelfth.  Give the franchise QB, though I understand all the points on the pass rusher, a guy to throw to in 2018 in the middle of the field with Howard’s season of experience.  His third season in 2019.

It’s a talented draft in the secondary in 2017.  These Safeties and Corners going in the first 6 picks? … and the possibility of Jabrill Peppers at #33?  Problem with Howard and Peppers … they’ll be gone before you pick and the temptation will be to grab QB at 12 when the many times mentioned Cam Robinson will still be on the board.  I don’t believe some of these Prognosticators who believe an offensive lineman isn’t going to be selected in the first 15 picks.  Three running backs in the first 22 selections, two in the first 8?

Come on Paul, this offseason showed the reality of the RB position in the New NFL … and there are so many talented guys at that position for rounds 5,6 and 7. Ezekiel Elliott was a special talent … every down because he does Everything so Well.  After Elliot’s selection at #4, the next running back taken was #45 …. the heisman trophy and national champion Derrick Henry in a trade, Tennessee moved up to select him.  The next running back at #73.

Yet, in 2017, 3 running backs are selected in the first 17 picks.  The prognosticators … Jacksonville selecting Fournette at #4?  Cam Robinson coming off everyone’s board and all of the sudden Garrett Bolles, Forrest Lamp, and the Wisconsin Offensive Lineman come off the board earlier than expected.

Again, you’re thwarted at #12 and there might be some talk of QB when a name like Marshon Lattimore is on the board.  Any chance of getting Sherman?  Second rounder?  Salary cap isn’t an issue … could the organization get 3 more pro bowl seasons?  The data on Derrelle Revis tells an important story about the position of CB and age.

Suppose a Sherman Trade to the organization occurred … Robinson and Howard are gone … you’ve addressed the secondary in a big way … maybe someone wants to trade down …. look at these pass rushers available because the secondary players and offensive linemen were more Valued in 2017 than originally Estimated.  Bookend QB Terrors … it’s a Gregg Williams run 4-3 with Jamie Collins leading the NFL in tackles during the 2017 season because you picked Trubisky and the defense was on the field Way Too Often and the organization went 1-15 and you can’t pick Sam Darnold with the #1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, you already have Trubisky, although maybe another team mortgages the farm and since you took a “franchise guy” in 2017 you’ll take the draft capital … then make all the wrong picks … and get fired.

The Jets are developing two prospects and signed a veteran.  The 49ers signed two veterans and will probably draft at least one after round 2.  The Bills are giving Tyrod Taylor a chance and will be looking for offensive weapons … it’s why Howard might not be available … Mike Williams could be the pick or Corey Davis … which is a dream for you Mr. DePodesta because it creates the scenario of Howard being available at 12.

Trubisky, Watson, and Kizer are going to be taken later in the first round by teams like the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers, teams with aging franchise QBs showing Decline.  Green Bay showed you the model … draft a guy who Learns a couple years behind the Franchise QB …

The prognosticators have the organization taking S at #33.  I love the prediction.  They all also have you taking QB at 12 which disappoints.  One of the issues … the organization is creating an atmosphere were Trubisky is in play … listening to proposals for the #1 pick …. and there aren’t any.  Phone is pretty silent because with the Defensive Linemen available in the first 15 picks … no one is giving up the farm for Trubisky.

And there’s no way you’re passing on the best NFL Prospect Ever at #1.

DE, TE, S, did the Sherman deal happen? …. CB … there’s a better prospect in the third round to play RT than current roster options plus we want our offensive line to be Stout And Deep … CBS sports prognosticator has the organization taking Garrett #1 then Trading with San Francisco for the #2 to select Trubisky.  OMG, is everyone Trying To Get Fired?

DE, TE, S, CB, OL/Tackle, CB, RB, WR, WR, S, OL – totals 11 picks for 2017.

You’re building a SuperBowl LV winner and North Carolina simply isn’t the guy.  Paul, they’re Valuing “Franchise QB” too highly … there’s a difference between “Franchise QB” and Hall of Famer.  Brady, Brees, Roethlisberger, both Mannings, Rodgers, a solid case for Rivers although Post Season is going to carry greater weight at the New NFL New Hall of Fame.  Tannehill, Taylor, Alex Smith, Flacco, Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer, Matthew Stafford … are these “franchise QBs”?  Postseason results say No.  It’s too soon on QBs like … Russell Wilson … sure, he won the title, now there’s the Expectation … Mariota, Winston, Cousins … they just simply don’t want to pay him $20 million a year longterm.  Andrew Luck … he was a model because they cut the Veteran and played him from Day 1 because he was the future of the franchise.  Well Mr. Luck, it’s been 5 years, you have the Franchise Contract hitting $25 million, and we did win a SuperBowl on the guy you replaced … the Colts were no stranger to the AFC Championship Game and you’re not going to get back in 2017 because the conference is too talented at the top and the Colts organizations has too many holes.  Dalvin Cook?  There’s no way Ryan Ramczyk makes it past the Colts.

QB is the most important and complicated position in the New NFL.  Plus, what if Osweiler impresses in the preseason working with the first team offense?  The schedule isn’t available yet … one could make an argument based on preseason performance “winning the job” combined with some early season favorable scheduling creates a situation for Osweiler to Excel.  What if Osweiler has a Pro Bowl Season?

The organization have created the atmosphere of Osweiler “not being in the plans” for trade purposes.  Again, crickets.  no one is calling for him and he’s eager to prove himself in the non pressure situation in Cleveland during the 2017 NFL Season.  No expectations … the Browns aren’t going to the playoffs …

We’ll see if Osweiler makes it through draft day a Brown.