April 5, 2017 | Posted in: Cleveland Browns

5 Apr 2017

The draft nears Mr. DePodesta.  and what’s the deal, you Tweet something and get two likes and one share?  Come on bro, you should be way more popular on that forum.  I’ve written you previously.  Here and Here

Twice actually.  Truth is, over the past few days, I pounded out 5,000 words about my girlfriend and need to start burying the post … among all the others that, you know, didn’t get read.

Free Agency is kind of over, although Romo going to the broadcasting booth is going to cause some movement at the position making the Cleveland Browns so Intriguing … what are the Browns going to do at QuarterBack?

Well, you made a big splash acquiring the Houston Guy.  Now, there may be a legitimate trade partner for him … 2nd round pick.  His salary has already been paid for this season.  “Hey, you want a Free QB for This season?”

But, I don’t think so.  He can get his chance in Cleveland and it was a pretty brilliant move because last I saw, you’re carrying $61 million to 2018 and we can’t talk about 2018 free agency yet because it’s too far in the future.  Money is there in 2018 and free agency doesn’t Hurt the organization next year.  Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen … those names Excite more than Trubisky, Watson, Kizer … teams are going to mortgage their farms like they did in 2012 (RGII) and 2016 (Goff) … to get one of these guys.  You, Mr. DePodesta, will have the draft Capital to make a move for one of these guys .. or, more likely Mr. DePodesta, based on recent results … you’ll be in position to get one of these three guys plus Others who moved their way up 2018 draft boards because of their performance (Trubisky).

8-8 in 2017?  How about 2-14.  You improved one game, have the #2 pick because San Francisco was That Bad, and it’s a Winston/Mariota thing like in 2014.  That’s a quick crystal ball into 2018.

8-8 in 2017?  If you get the first 5 draft picks Correct.  OJ Howard at #12?  It’s the New NFL and these Tight Ends shredding the middle of the field the way they do in the New NFL … and Howard has all the Tools … no one would blame you taking him #12, if he’s there …

2-14 in 2017?  Because you played “Franchise QB” in 2017 instead of holding off giving Osweiler the Chance to Lead, Kessler the chance to Back Up, and drafted a guy with the fourth round pick to Develop.  Do we live in a world where you’re going to take a guy with 13 collegiate starts over the best prospect ever in this DE from Texas A&M?  No way, but I’ve seen the mocks where they have you taking 13 college start guy with the Twelfth.  Instead of Elite Secondary Prospect or … Taking that final piece to the Massive Offensive Line … The Alabama Tackle … he’ll play RT … oooh, Mr. DePodesta … the vibes are sexy and remember, I only offer you an opportunity to read.

Secondary help with the next three choices … Sure, a QB at pick 95 …

10-6 in 2017?  Brock could play, we could run, Garrett really helped the unit get after the opposing QB, Britt made the big catches keeping the offensive on the field, Coleman developed into one of the best “take it to the house” receivers, and in the late rounds in 2017, rounds 5-7, You drafted backs and receivers ….

It’s important to get these first 5 picks correct Mr. DePodesta.  It can’t be a QB with one of the picks.  The team has too many Other Needs and there are Better Prospects Available … the Best Player Available Mentality.  Your division opponent in Pittsburgh has been doing this for years … and, they nailed their franchise QB in 2004.  Sure am glad the organization passed on that Ohio Guy and took Kellen Winslow.  Brilliant.

The history Mr. DePodesta … it doesn’t Bode Well for future prognostication.  The organization will get these first five draft picks Wrong and it’s 3-13.  Grab your guy in 2018 … with another massive amount of draft capital … get those picks wrong and maybe someday, fans of the Cleveland Browns will Celebrate Not Finishing in Last Place in the AFC North.

And hey, great job on that Guard from Cincinnati.  And the Center from Green Bay … Stay Away Injury Bug …

Try to save some money for Khalil Mack … the Raiders have to pay their QB $20MM, it’s difficult to pay another guy $20MM because he’ll Command that Price.  New Orleans … Indianapolis …. Miami … Detroit … they’re all paying “Franchise” QBs over $20MM.  Is this going to equate to success in 2017?  It didn’t in 2016.  Sure, a couple on that list made the playoffs … one game and out … and something like that for the Cleveland Browns in the next 3 years … a playoff appearance … it’s just too lofty a goal.

get these first five draft picks in a few weeks Correct … and maybe, for the first time since 1993, when Bill Belichick was head coach and Nick Saban was Defensive Coordinator … the Cleveland Browns will have a smidgen (crossword puzzle word) of Hope.