September 16, 2017 | Posted in: Video Games

What are the best guns or best gun in Call of Duty WWII?  I played Beta Labor Day Weekend and made some videos.  Below, a view of the guns, attachments secondaries, lethals and tacticals available through Level 35.  This beta run didn’t give a preview of max level gear.



What’s different than previous releases?  They changed the game with ExoMovements in Advanced Warfare and now, in WWII, they’re doing away with the perk system, replacing them with a combination of 5 Division Choices, each with different Abilities, and Basic Training Choice.  These two facets completely alter the game.  Plus, no exomovements.  Below, a video showing the different Division Choices and capabilities.  What’s the best division in Call of Duty WWII?  I really liked Airborne and was frustrated I wasn’t able to learn the Classified SubMachine gun for this Division.  What is the best SMG in cod wwii?

Also, below, a video about the different Basic Training Choices.  What’s the best Basic Training choice or option?  Want to shoot down the plethora of Spy Planes in cod wwii?  You’ll have to take Launcher as your Basic Training to carry one of three Launcher (secondary) options.  You’ll practice leading the enemy spy plane with the launcher, there was no lock-on in the 1940s …


What’s the best Basic Training Option in cod wwii?  I liked Hustle.  Reload faster.  CoD WWII … this is how you get the perk known as Dexterity (Infinite WarFare), Sleight of Hand (Black Ops) … reloading faster has always been one of the most popular ability choices in the Call of Duty Franchise.

What is the best SMG in COD WWII?  I liked the PPSH-41.  One of the cool things about CoD wwii is the actual weapon names were utilized … their correct historical game … and let’s face it, we all needed a game where it was boots on the ground, I’ve already started practicing the drop shot.

Below are a couple videos Call of Duty:WWII featuring PPSH-41 game play on four different maps.

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