January 13, 2017 | Posted in: Publishing

Zombies in Spaceland, Infinity Ward’s offering to the genre, is by far the most in depth Zombies ever.  Here’s some help with the early rounds where the top priority is making money.  Zombies in Spaceland requires ten times as much money as any previous edition.

You can watch the video.

Early Round Priorities

  1.  Get to main street by turning on the power in the starting location, find the robot’s head, attach the head, trying to coordinate the activation of N3IL with the start of a new round.
  2. Make Money.  The M1, when combined with the Fortune Cards Scoped Dollars and Head Shots, will net you the money you need to get the first door open.

Journey into Space

  1.  Your priority is to get this part of the park set up … it’s where Juggernog is located and there’s no debate.  Turn on the power before second dog round and get Juggernog.  The principles of the game have not changed since Kino Der Toten.
  2. Turn on the power, by Juggernog, and go through the portal.

Kepler System

  1. The next priority.  There is a good perk here (slappy taffy) and the best wall gun (HVR).
  2. Turn on the power and go through the portal.

Polar Peak

  1.  Sleight of Hand is located here.  It’s called Quickies.
  2. Turn on the power and go through the portal.


  1.  Second best wall gun (NV4)
  2. Turn on the power and go through the portal.

Once these actions have been accomplished in these 4 areas, pack a punch will be available through the portal in the Center of the Map … it’s called the Projection Room and you enter by holding X.

N3IL the Robot Challenges

  1. Once the head is attached to the robot, a series of 5 challenges will begin to cycle.
    1. Melee kill 10 zombies.  Best to accomplish in early rounds and extremely easy with Slappy Taffy Perk until Round 15.
    2. Kill 10 Zombies from a Distance.  The Zombies will be outlined in White when they are at the appropriate distance.
    3. Get 5 MultiKills.  One of the harder challenges.  Made easier with M1 and the Fortune Card Eagle Eyed.  Also easily accomplished by Upgrading the Kendall 44 (starting pistol) in the Projection Room.
    4. Kill 10 Zombies while Jumping.  Pushing 3 buttons AND moving your thumb, all at the same time, is difficult.  It’s called a Rotation.  Console gamers have a monumentally more Difficult time with this Rotation than a CPU gamer, for example, someone who plays world of warcraft.  Keep practicing.
    5. Don’t go into Last Stand.

The challenges cycle.  If you fail too many in a row, the robot will pause.  After completing these 5 challenges, you enter the KITT mode and Michael Knight assists you for 2 rounds.  Once the robot takes him away, a battery will spawn in Kepler or Polar Peak (a total of 6 locations).  Find the battery, insert into N3IL, and 5 new challenges will apppear.