January 29, 2017 | Posted in: Video Games

What is the best Gun in Cod Infinite Warfare?

Theories and opinions will always vary greatly.

My opinion … it depends on play style and the game mode of choice.  I’m a rusher having played approximaely 1,000 games of Domination reaching Prestige Level 7.  I play Domination because there’s an objective and spawns are somewhat controlled.  Team Deathmatch, or Team CampMatch as I prefer to call it, doesn’t suit my play style because the games are too short.  I want to play for 15 consecutive minutes, rack up 30-40 kills, and have ample opportunity for ScoreStreaks.  I end up with around 10,000 XP when I win.

Above is an opinion on the best gun in CoD Infinite Warfare.  The Erad.  “Rusher” play style favors SMGs and ShotGuns over Assault Rifles because of movement speed.


Above, the SMGs currently available listing the HVR and Erad as the two best.  Shotguns?

It doesn’t get any better than the Rack 9 Smoothbore, phenomenal range, usually one shot, one kill.  I wouldn’t recommend missing and I prefer to call this Gun the Rage Quitter.

So there you go, an opinion on the best guns in CoD Infinite Warfare.  Now google, page rank me.  Watch my videos.  Maybe you can “like” them.