September 18, 2017 | Posted in: Cleveland Browns

Week 2 of the 2017 NFL season is getting ready to wrap up with Monday Night Football featuring the Detroit Lions playing in New Jersey against the New York Giants.

The Cleveland Browns?  0-2.  Injury.  Second year receiver Corey Coleman broke his hand and will miss several weeks.  Coleman broke the same hand in the same week in back to back season.  Powerful forces align against the Cleveland Browns … forces more powerful than you can possibly comprehend … what are the odds the same guy breaks the same hand in the same week two years in a row?  Astronomical … to the point mathematics Prove dark forces align against a cursed organization.

The Cleveland Browns franchise has won two Super Bowls so one cannot refer to the Current Cleveland Browns as a Franchise.  In 1996, the Franchise played it’s first game as the Baltimore Ravens and the history of the Cleveland Browns franchise diverts to Maryland.  The expansion Cleveland Browns have been cursed by poor draft picks.  Tim Couch, the consensus #1 pick when the new Cleveland Browns got things going in 1999 when the new Browns had their first draft.  There’s the infamous bust pick the next year, Courtney Brown … read this list of draft picks from 1999-2002.

Kevin Johnson, Rahim Abdullah, Dennis Northcutt, Travis Prentice, JaJuan Dawson, Gerard Warren … (the browns picked third in the 2001 NFL draft after holding the top selection in back to back seasons.  Hall of Fame Running Back Ladainian Tomlinson was selected #5.)  James Jackson, William Green (16th pick in 2002.  Soon to be Hall of Fame Safety Ed Reid was taken by the Cleveland Browns franchise eight picks later.  Dark forces).  These aren’t a list of names screaming success in the NFL.  Certainly some were “functional” … 2002 was the last time the organization of the Cleveland Browns made the playoffs.  The Cleveland Browns Franchise won another Super Bowl since the last time the Cleveland Browns made the playoffs.  The last time a team called the Cleveland Browns Won a playoff game?  1994.

The 2017 NFL season is quickly imploding for the Browns.  Injury.  #1 pick Myles Garrett tweaked his ankle 5 days before the first game and has yet to play.  Now Coleman.  Wide Receiver, before the Coleman injury, was already one the thinnest and least experienced group in the league … with a rookie QB … a scenario describing this actual reality couldn’t be scripted … Coleman breaking his hand in the second game of the season this year too.  Myles Garrett tweaking his ankle …

The defense has been a bright spot during the 2017 season and will only get better when Garrett is available to return.  0-16.  Disaster.  People might get fired which is the biggest mistake the Browns could make … the model requires Consistency.

Plus, there’s a whole lotta draft capital in the 2018 draft.  two first round picks plus three in the second round.  5 selecctions in the first 64!  We don’t have the $105 million in salary cap, however, the 2018 projection is $48 million under, creating opportunity to address team needs in free agency.  The Browns are the youngest team in the NFL, almost 1.5 years younger than league average.  Browns believers … we’re not just Browns fans … we’re Believers … should understand 2017 is a Building Year.  And don’t say the Browns are always rebuilding … the Browns are Recovering from a disastrous 2014 draft.  Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel.  The Manziel selection set the organization behind 5 years.  16 games of experience for the most youthful team in the league is goal #1 this year.  Stay healthy everyone, avoid Injury.  Injury literally makes any model constructed from data and analytics Invalid because of it’s uncertainty and Certainty … injuries in the National Football League Will Occur.

And Kizer?  Jury is still out.  And here’s the thing about another 1-15 season … I believe the Cleveland Browns will defeat the Indianapolis Colts (without Andrew Luck) behind strong running and good defense … perhaps the #1 selection in the 2018 NFL Draft … there are teams willing to trade Significant Draft Capital (We want 10 picks) for the rights to Sam Darnold and perhaps three other QBs.  After the QB trade craziness in 2017 for DeShaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes, I can only expect 2018 will be even more ridiculous when it comes to the exchange of Draft Capital for QB needy franchises.  And, a list of names for the beleaguered Browns to follow … Carson Wentz and Watson, QBs passed in Exchange for Future Draft Capital.

And bruh, the Model does not like this idea of “franchise QB”.  The model really likes a Hall of Fame QB … yet hates paying a single position 17-20 percent of the Salary Cap.  And there’s some data to this scenario to analyze.  Matthew Stafford.  Ryan Tannehill.  Joe Flacco.  I know he won a Superbowl but so did Trent Dilfer.  Throw some analytics on those two players … how similar are they when compared?  Andrew Luck.

The model really loves a guy like Tom Brady … not only because of his sexy manly looks … because the past two seasons, his cap hit has been 8.75% and increases to roughly 13% of the total available salary cap in 2018.

Analytics is changing the way professional football in america is being played.  Browns believers should understand their organization is light years ahead of other NFL franchises when it comes to these new analytics developed from #Data.  Future Draft Capital … a young, aggressive defense showing Potential with an entire season of experience.  2018 Could be exciting.

A jury out rookie Quarterback with a Rocket Arm and the ability to make plays with his legs throwing to a thin and now decimated WR corps.  Turnovers.  The game of football is virtually impossible to win when the ball is turned over five times.  We managed two turnovers so the net was minus 3 … I want to see a list of teams who won their respective game when the turnover differential was minus 3.  47.6 percent of attempted passes were completed.  Drops.  In key moments.  Browns believers should understand these were division games with a rookie QB … were the browns ever out of the game? … like didn’t have a chance at all? … in either of these two losses to open the 2017 NFL Season?

A great concern for the Browns is the offensive line … 10 sacks already this season and few openings for the ground game.  The offensive line was an area where significant 2017-2020 Salary Cap Capital was Invested.  Three new starters coupled with Cement on the left side … Joe Thomas, thank you for your service.  Guy hasn’t missed a Snap in 10 plus years.  The model … a winning NFL Franchise … loves Longevity … plus a rookie on the right side … the unit needs more time to gel.  Browns believers should understand these things.

It might be helpful if the owner of the Browns or someone high up took the time to explain these things.  Beg for even more patience.  Patience is a godly quality.

“This season is about experience.  We have a young group of guys who are working diligently to come together, gel … on both sides of the ball.  We’ve been encouraged by the play of our defense we believe is going to continue improving.  Injury has taken it’s toll, we’re hoping Myles continues to improve and can return to the practice field soon.  We thank you for being Browns fans … you’re by far the most patient group of fans in the world.  We ask you to continue to trust us … trust the things we’ve done the past two seasons, not just on the field, but off it … the acquisition of multiple first and second round draft picks … trust our plan to utilize all available analytics to deliver a winning product on Sunday’s.”

Week 3 of the 2017 NFL Season, for the Cleveland Browns, on the road.  Franchise A has a QB (Kizer) making his second career start.  Franchise B’s franchise QB costing 12% of the cap is injured so their QB (Brissett) is making his fourth career start and been around the professional game for one year longer … virtually equal.  We play clean on the road in Indianapolis … our defense continues to gel and grow … more running lanes open … a win week 3 is realistic.

A week 3 win with back to back home games against the New York Jets and Houston Texans (a game where our guy has more career NFL starts than their guy, and also the guy we Passed on) … bruh, 3-2 would turn some fans into believers because I would take the time to write about all these things and people could read them and develop Understanding, not just What the Cleveland Browns are doing but How they’re doing it.  With data and analytics the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Can’t look into the crystal ball too much … Weeks 4 and 5 of the 2017 NFL Season … it’s all about this week and the road game against a team not playing good football.  We have a good chance bruh and all things being equal, this may be the biggest game for the Browns since 1999.  There’s been plenty of big games for the Cleveland Browns franchise (The ravens winning multiple super bowls and all) … this week, on the road in Indianapolis … the organization really needs a win.

Because at some point … the lack of wins is going to start costing people their jobs.  The model somewhat hates reality while Adoring Consistency because the reality of the National Football League is losing equals firing.  Look at all the firing the Cleveland Browns did between 2010 and 2015.  It equated to Losing.  If they considered all the data regarding number of people fired versus winning percentage, everyone in upper management would feel like they have the most secure job in the world.  Simply not reality.