March 13, 2022 | Posted in: Elden Ring

This post shares information about a dungeon in Elden Ring with a tricky fire trap and a super easy boss playing Astrologer Mage.

Pro Leveling Tip

Find all the dungeons in Weeping Peninsula and fast travel between them clearing the mobs but don’t engage the boss. You can run back to the site of grace, rest, and the mobs will respawn and continue dropping Runes. It gets a little boring clearing the same dungeon over and over so you can fast travel between them becoming proficient at clearing each of the dungeons in Weeping Peninsula.

Pesky skeleton mobs

Skeletons will respawn if you don’t attack the bones. It gets annoying when you’re fighting adds. In the video above, I ran the mobs in roughly six and half minutes, I might have died. Later, at the bottom of the post you’ll see some of my first tries in the dungeon failing epically.

Annoying Fire Trap

I died a few times figuring out the fire trap. The video below describes defeating the fire trap and progressing through the dungeon in just over a minute.

Boss Fight (Cemetery Shade)

I melted the boss as Astrologer, a completely unfair fight. The boss drops Lhutel the Headless, a Spirit Summon but I haven’t figured out how to use a Spirit Summon to assist in battle.

Become proficient at clearing any dungeon mobs

This will help you have maximum flasks for the boss fight. Below is some frustration navigating the fire trap.

Elden Ring is Frustrating as you Die … a Lot

Elden Ring isn’t for everyone. This is definitely not a charge them and pwn them type of game. You’re going to die … a lot … especially in dungeons. Apparently these dungeons are optional but killing bosses drop loot and dungeons give good runes to help level and make your character more powerful. Below is some 16 minutes of epic failz in Tombsward Catacombs.