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Pro Leveling Tip

Run a dungeon several times learning to defeat the dungeon mobs efficiently so you have maximum health, mana, and potions for the boss fight.

Tombsward Cave – Watch Your Step

You’ll get poisoned in Tombsward Cave. The mobs shoot poison arrows and I have not learned how to negate poison effects other than run back to the site of grace, rest, and run the dungeon mobs again. A mob will drop from the ceiling on top of your head dealing damage so take it slow and let the mob fall to the ground.

Tombsward Cave Boss Walkthrough (Miranda the Blighted Bloom)

I melted the boss on the second try. I play Astrologer and this is an extremely close quarters fight. Using Glinting Arc probably would have worked better as there are a few smaller blooms. Beware the lightning bolts but this boss was on easy mode. At level 48, I have 16 strength and 13 Dexterity to use a Claymore and got sexy on Miranda the Blighted Bloom melee style to finish her. Upon death, Miranda the Blighted Bloom drops the Veridian Amber Medallion increasing your stamina when worn.