March 15, 2022 | Posted in: Elden Ring

This post describes the steps and location necessary to unlock Sorceress Sellen, an important sorcery vendor and someone you must visit during Ranni’s quest awarding the Snow Witch Armor Set part way through the quest. Having access to Sellen helps Elden Ring players progress more quickly to the items they desire.

Waypoint Ruins

Soceress Sellen sells new Glinting Spells clutch for casters, especially Astrologers. She is located in the Waypoint Ruins in Western Limgrave. Below, you can watch how to get to Waypoint Ruins and earn a bunch of runes along the way.

Field Boss – Mad Pumpkin Head

As a caster, hitting him in the head does little damage. However, by using Glinting Arc and Spirit Ashes, which are clutch during any boss fight, I downed the boss with ease. A room opens up and Sorceress Sellen is located inside.

Ranni’s Quest

Ranni’s quest, and the Snow Witch Armor Set, require interaction with Sorceress Sellen. The quest proceeds rapidly if things like Sorceress Sellen already being unlocked are accomplished.