Mythic Hellfire Assault

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Mythic Hellfire Assault, the first boss of Warlord of Draenor’s latest, and last raid of this expansion, is a clinic in the most basic aspect of playing World of Warcraft … turn on enemy nameplates.  I started this website to teach amateurs to play the game with enemy nameplates in the ON position.

Mythic Hellfire Assault is an add priority fight … Hulking Beserker > Warlock, except when Metamorphasis occurs, then the warlock is the priority.  Siege engines need to be downed quickly.

The challenge in Mythic, opposed to Heroic/Normal is a formation change.  Half the raid to the right, half the raid to the left, maintaining add priority.  A transport and crusher will appear after the first raid split, you’ll use Time Warp, and make sure you down the crusher (huge damage on the cannons) and transport (spawns lots of adds).  The mini bosses then appear, watch your feet for the fire … you’ll down the mini bosses, down the adds in the right priority, then split again … rinse and repeat.

We downed this mythic boss in less than 25 pulls.  Maintain your add priority and mythic bosses die a lot faster and easier with enemy nameplates in the ON position.

That is all.

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The PuG Life

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Budapest. An AmazinglyLeet city. Gothic.

Budapest. An AmazinglyLeet city. Gothic.

One must actually write if one desires to be a writer.

Data and photographs.  The internet is a wonderful place to bring them together.  I got my first set of data from Heroic HFC today.  Frost mage parses, iLvl 700.  In my pvp gear (I have iLvl 700 and iLvl 685 trinkets from Heroic Blackrock Foundry).  The past is the past, I’m not trying to be a WoW historian.  It’s all about today.  And the future.

I’m going to be writing about some AmazinglyLeet things in the near future.  I could write a lot about my AmazinglyLeet EuroTrip 3 years ago.  89 days, because on a United States of America passport, you’re good for 90 days every 180 in the Eurozone on a tourist visa.

The data wasn’t pretty.  43k on Heroic Hellfire Assault.  26k on Iron Reaver where our PuG group wiped twice before the kill.  36k on Kormok, a two shot.  I have now killed these 3 bosses in HFC (H) a total of two times.  15th percentile on Kormok.  26th percentile on Hellfire Assault, a green parse, and 15th percentile on Iron Reaver.  These are my DPS numbers.

RastaJay Logs for This Post.

You can go read the data.  My first data set for HFC because for 13 weeks, I’ve been laying low concentrating on getting 1700 conquest points per week.   I’m behind on fight knowledge and gear.  Documenting my progression through HFC.  Goals.

Cross Realm game play.  Another game changer in Warlords of Draenor.  The capability to cross server up to 30 man heroic content.  iLvl 705 gear.  I transferred to Thrall for mythic content.  It’s so difficult.  Do I have what it takes for mythic progression?  I have to find a team on Thrall and it won’t be difficult.  It’s a large horde PvE server in population.  There’s 20 teams with mythic kills already.  Another 2-3 dozen guilds with 12 or 13 (of 13 bosses) on heroic.

I don’t want to be carried.  I want to earn my spot.  Get carried on the 13/13 Heroic spank runs in a single raid night because I’m behind on gear and my personal progression is 4/13 (H).  No normal kills.  The PvP gear got me to the iLvl requirements for heroic and I learn quickly.  I one shotted Heroic Council.  My first time seeing the fight … and we killed the boss with 11/15 alive.  I didn’t run logs last night.  I was there to see as many fights as possible and hopefully get some gear.  2 pieces of iLvl 705 gear and my first Tomes for the legendary quest line for a ring this expansion.  Last expansion it was a cloak.  Oh my how the legendary quest line has changed in 11 years.  Molten Core.  Black Temple.  Access to outstanding gear for the “casual player”.  38 days played at this level as Frost Mage.  I played a little fire in BrF because the guild leader made me … 50th percentile DPS as fire mage equaling roughly 50k in the BrF AoE boss fights compared to 99th percentile frost mage equaling roughly 35k.  Imbalance.  It was too tilted in the different mage specs.

QQ more PvP community.  Frost Mage isn’t getting touched in 6.2.  The buff to ice lance, frost bolt, and frostfire bolt were badly needed …  for balance … Balance between PvE specs for each class.  I’ve seen a lot of Frost Mages on the first 4 bosses of Heroic HFC.  Ice Nova hurts.  I thought if there was a nerf coming in 6.2, it would be to Ice Nova.  a 3 second cooldown each time it’s used.  The back to back Ice Nova’s with Deep Freeze then Pet Freeze … it hurts.  100k with 33k multistrike, back to back because of critical strike RNG?  Your tears are so salty.


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