NBA Slate – January 14, 2021

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Published for a friend

Tonight’s games

The Sixers defeated the Miami Heat soundly, by 17, causing us to wonder why the spread dropped so rapidly in Miami’s favor going from -10 to as low as -7.5 right before tip off.

Charlotte lost by 3, easily covering, and the Rockets, 7.5 dogs to the San Antonio Spurs, won outright.

Why was this bet made? Contrarian principles are prevailing in COVID NBA basketball. Games are being canceled at a somewhat alarming rate. Of course Houston is going to lose by at least 8, they only have nine players available. Of Course the New York Knicks are a good bet, Brooklyn is on a back to back with eight available players because of the James Harden trade.

One is never correct all the time in this endeavor but Charlotte had every chance to win outright tonight against Toronto They got Killed on the offensive boards late in the game but they covered ten points. Why was this wager placed? Umm, I watch NBA basketball games. Toronto has two wins and they’re the worst closing team in the NBA. Of course Charlotte is going to lose by at least 11, Gordon Hayward is out and they’re still missing Cody Zeller. They’re on a back to back. the wager slip pictured above is contrarian and the Charlotte grouping produced a profit because less was wagered on the Moneyline.

And, my friend who let’s me go over to his house and watch NBA games and lets me publish on his site nobody reads, thank you. It’s nice to have friends like you and my words help make your site more legitimate especially when media is added and the post has at least 500 words.

Contrarian results

Read this post and scroll to the bottom for the predictions. overall, the picks went 3-3, with Miami and San Antonio being contrarian. This is the night eight Miami players took the Sixers to overtime and lost by three. The sharps loved Oklahoma City against San Antonio (no DeMar DeRozen.)

Read this post and scroll to the bottom for the predictions. The predictions went 0-3 that day as all the favorites covered. the sharps absolutely loved these teams and sometimes I don’t have a lot of reasons to fade the sharps when publishing a prediction.

Portland has cut Indiana’s once 25 point lead to 12 near the end of the third quarter. Could we see another COVID 30 point swing game and Portland cover three? How much exposure do these online sports books receive on a live bet for Portland which would have been sizable when they were down 25?

Can you really trust your sports book? What would you do if your sports book suddenly closed their doors and went out of business? I used these folks for years and never had a problem and they paid me my winnings every time. What more can you ask for from an online sports book?

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MyBookie – A Review

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Publisher’s Note: Published for a friend who left Bovada for various reasons and opened an account with MyBookie a couple years ago. I bare no liability for this clown’s opinion.

A Review Based on Experience

Thank you to my friend with a blog nobody reads and the opportunity to share my personal experience with MyBookie over the past two years. First, I have been paid Sports Book winnings every time I’ve requested MyBookie to pay me some winnings.

And, right off the bat, I want to say, in my opinion, sports book rating should raise their grade. I’ve had zero problems with MyBookie in two years of recreational sports gambling. Their odds seem fair and seem to match consensus lines, the live betting feature is unmatched in my opinion, and I’ve been paid my winnings every single time. In my opinion, if you, as a person researching online sports books, are not conducting business with your sports book in Bitcoin, you, as an internet sports gambler, aren’t doing it right.

The Odds Boosts are Awesome

And worth establishing an account with MyBookie. There will be times during the year when the house “boosts” the odds for certain events. For example, say Alabama is a consensus 24.5 favorite against rival Auburn. MyBookie will “boost” the odds, for example, to Auburn +31.5 and cap the odds “boost” bet at $10 or maybe $25. Would you, as a person who gambles on sports via the internet take Auburn plus 31.5, seven points over the consensus line of +24.5? It’s fun in my opinion.

Understand Any Books Bonus Rules

In my opinion, MyBookie rates low with sports book rating because people did not understand the bonus rule and in my opinion, that’s on them, not the house. Understand the difference between a “free play” bonus and a “cash” bonus. Understand rollover. Understand you cannot draw from the account until the play through, or roll over, on any book, is achieved.

The rules on account play through when accepting a bonus is the same on MyBookie as Bovada. Understand you cannot make a withdrawal on the account until the play through is reached. If you have to deposit more money into the account and have not achieved the rollover, you cannot withdraw the money whether you are with Bovada, Bookmaker, or MyBookie.

Phenomenal Customer Service

Anytime I had a question, customer service was prompt, friendly, and answered the question. I didn’t have any issues, because, in my opinion, MyBookie is a good book, requiring customer service’s attention in two years. They were very helpful when I signed up for a new account and made my first deposit to make sure I understood their bonus program and rollover requirement.

If someone made a deposit into an online, overseas, sports book and did not understand the book’s bonus program, that is on the person, not the book. The majority of complaints about MyBookie are from people who accepted their new account bonus program and failed to understand how the bonus program worked and completely failed to understand how a rollover works.

MyBookie, as a fairly new book with six years of history simply has not been around, in my opinion, long enough to have anything higher than a C- grade. People complaining about having to send documentation regarding identity to get paid by any online sports book should have accomplished this required task to be paid by any on line sports book when they opened their new account and, most likely, accepted the bonus program.

To those “Complaining”

One, there aren’t many complaints that are recent. And, the complaints are because the person did not understand the difference between “free play” and “cash” bonus programs various books offer. That’s on the person. I’ll let you in on a trade secret. Any online sports book, whether it’s Bookmaker, or Bovada, or MyBookie, their bonus program is designed to make money. Their entire business model is you accepting a bonus with a reasonable rollover (five to eight times) the deposit PLUS the bonus. Again, and I cannot emphasize this enough, understanding how the bonus program works is on you. You might have to “reload” to reach the bonus. Again, a trade secret, this is how an online sports book makes money.

To this guy making YouTube videos complaining about MyBookie. Bro, you did not understand their bonus program. That’s on you. You obviously had to “reload” and maybe “won”, however, your account had not reached the required rollover. Of course MyBookie isn’t going to pay you. No other online sports book would pay you either if your account had not reached the required rollover. Also, your claim you didn’t “know” you signed up for the bonus is ridiculous and, in my opinion, false.

And, I have no reason to fabricate any of the words in this post published by a friend. I hope you found it useful as the reader and consider them for your online sports gambling needs.

I have no commentary on the casino portion of the establishment other than the organization, MyBookie, has paid me my winnings every time without any issue via BitCoin.

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