Nick the Cat Predicts 2022 NFL Division Winners

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This post shares predictions on teams winning the NFC South, the NFC North, NFC East, AFC North, and the AFC East. These predictions were made by a cat.

Sports Gambling Coming to you Soon

Assuming you do not already live in a location with legalized sports gambling, our opinion is soon you will. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry with each new state, like Ohio, joining the ranks of other states legalizing sports betting, creating more square money for my cat to, perhaps, snatch up with his devastating cat stuff skills.

Apparently, Worst to First is a Thing in the NFL

Seventeen times in the last nineteen NFL Seasons, a team went from “worst to first” in the division and, somewhat surprisingly, won their division like the 2021 Cincinnati Bengals. The most recent example marked the eighth time in the past seven years a team finished in last place in their division the previous season and won their division the next season.

2022 Detroit Lions, NFC North, 10-1 odds

The Lions earned a following from Hard Knocks and no NFL franchise is more tortured. They last won a NFL Championship in 1958. The Lions last won a playoff game in 1991. The face of their franchise, Matthew Stafford, went to Los Angeles and won a Super Bowl. Their division foe, the Green Bay Packers, has Hall of Fame quarterback play for the past …. 30 Years … and the Lions lose, dramatically, in close games. Rodgers to Rodgers, The Calvin Johnson Rule, and Justin Tucker’s NFL record making 66 yard field goal.

Why can the Lions win the division? Green Bay regressing and Minnesota being, well, Minnesota, and underachieving, could open the door for a quietly solid offensive unit led by the strength of the Detroit offensive line. My cat says, in a clean pocket, with minimal pressure, Jared Goff is the best QB in the NFL. Amon-Ra St. Brown showed he can play and TJ Hockenson returns fully healthy along with newly acquired DJ Chark. Lewan playing left tackle with Sewell and right tackle with Ragnow returning at center fully healthy. My cat says this team was garbage last season and played close games, winning three, tying one (that’s soooo Lions) and if Aidan Hutchinson is defensive rookie player of the year, the Lions are going to be competitive in a division where 9-8 can finish in first place with tie breakers.

2022 Jacksonville Jaguars, AFC South, 7.5-1

My cat says Trevor Lawrence is the dude, Urban Meyer was a disaster, the offensive line is better, and Travis Etienne returns fully healthy. Jacksonville is another worst to first candidate in a division featuring a Tennessee team with too many question marks to prognosticate and Indianapolis as a heavy favorite featuring newly acquired Matt Ryan featuring a defensive unit and running back (Jonathan Taylor) likely to regress.

2022 New Orleans Saints, NFC South, 3-1

My cat says the vibes from Tampa are awful with the offensive line, the way Tom Brady looks, and an aura of Gisele not being pleased Brady decided to return for another season. Chris Godwin won’t return right away and Rob Gronkowski is staying retired. Defensively, Tampa appears elite but my cat doesn’t see the Saints defensive unit far behind led by Marshon Lattimore island. Jameis Winston is a gun slinger and people are forgetting last season, when Winston was healthy, the Saints were … good?, featuring a 38-3 shellacking of Aaron Rodgers? And, my cat says Tom Brady is too heavily favored by the public and there’s too much value in .25u at 3-1 someone besides Tampa is going to win the NFC South.

Atlana and Carolina could, somewhat surprisingly, be competitive enough to go 1-1 with Tampa and 1-1 against each other, creating another NFL division where 9-8 could indeed win the division. My cat says with the new 17 game schedule and the rising parity of the game will result in teams finishing 8-9 and winning their division. In the future, when the 12-5 Los Angeles Chargers go on the road to play 8-9 Cleveland in the wild card playoffs, the NFL will be forced to come up with something new.

2022 Washington Commanders, NFC East, 5-1

Despite Indianapolis melting down last season and missing the 2021 NFL Playoffs, Carson Wentz played all sixteen games for just the second time in his career. Now in Washington, a division featuring the public crazed Dallas Cowboys and “sexy favorite” and “most improved team” Philadelphia Eagles, Wentz has a chance to lead a team to the playoffs again in his career. Winning a playoff game is always another story.

Can the offensive line give Wentz the time? Are Washington’s downfield options competent? Chase Young will return at some point but how well will Washington defend the pass? With Dallas ready to implode, Michael Gallup won’t be ready early, Amari Cooper is gone, and their left tackle Tyron Smith will miss another season. I’d like to interject, independent of my cat’s predictions, Philadelphia winning this division with a 12-5 record will be no surprise. Philadelphia is going to run the ball in ways difficult to defend and Hurts could, potentially, make the throws he needs to make to win NFL games.

It’s as if Baltimore and Philadelphia are at war with the pass first three receiver set new NFL game we’ve been watching the past five years. Can the designed quarterback running plays be successful? Any NFL offensive scheme is completely disrupted with front four pressure especially up the middle. No team is more prepared to disrupt opposing offenses than the Washington Commanders.

2022 New England Patriots, AFC East, 5-1

The Buffalo Bills are the Super Bowl favorite at 6-1 and heavily favored to win the AFC East. In another NFL division featuring a heavy favorite, and a “trendy pick” in the Miami Dolphins, my cat sees value in .25u on the GrandMaster of Foxboro. This is a bet New England is the best coached team in the division. We will know so much more about this bet after Week 1 when Buffalo opens the season on the road against the defending champion Los Angeles Rams and New England travels to Miami to play the highly hyped Dolphins and their … and my cat cannot stop laughing … left handed quarterback.

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2018 NFL Draft Results

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The 2018 NFL Draft ended this past saturday night (Apri 28) in Dallas, Texas, with another 256 players being selected to compete for 53 eventual roster spots on 32 NFL Teams. Currently, NFL rosters are set at 90 players, so all NFL teams can add their draft choices, sign Undrafted Free Agents (teams may sign 10 or more players, players not selected this past weekend, as UDFAs, depending on how many players were drafted, how many free agents were signed, and who teams want to invite to their rookie mini camp). The Draft is only one of the ways NFL organizations construct a valid NFL roster and America’s fascination with this particular NFL process is worth an entirely different essay.

Maybe you were thrilled with your team’s draft choices, maybe you absolutely hated your team’s draft choices, maybe you’re a Cleveland Browns fan and hoping for a single win in 2018. Who were some winners in this year’s draft?

Shaqueem Griffin and The Edmunds Brothers

A one armed linebacker and 5th round selection by the Seattle Seahawks, Shaqueem Griffin lost part of his left arm, including the entire hand, to amniotic band syndrome, a congenital disorder, causing his fingers to be under developed and at times, extreme pain. The condition led to an amputation at age 4. He first gained national attention [VIDEO] by bench pressing 225lbs (100 kilo) twenty times while wearing prosthesis. The draft pick by the Seahawks reunites Griffin with his twin brother Shaquill, drafted in third round of the 2017 NFL Draft, currently playing cornerback for the Seahawks.

His story has brought forth other inspirational stories regarding amputees. I am Shaqueem Griffin has swept America. Virginia Tech teammates and brothers Tremaine and Terrell Edmunds became the first brothers in NFL History to be drafed in the first round, Tremaine taken 16th overall by the Buffalo Bills and Terrell taken 28th overall by the Pittsburgh Steelers


The spectacle of the draft is increasing at an exponential level each year, with cities in the United States now submitting Olympic type “bids” to the National Football League, for millions of dollars, to secure the “rights” to host future drafts with ClevelandKansas City, and Las Vegas among the finalists to hold next year’s event. The popularity of the sport is growing internationally and revenues of the sport are increasing, surpassing $14 billion (US), growing closer to the Commissioner’s goal of a $25Bn Sports League by the year 2027.

The Fans

As the popularity grows, so does the spectacle. Fans are treated to a luxurious experience coupled with awesome American Parking Lot Parties “tailgating”, conducted to celebrate and watch who is going to be selected from the American University ranks in the draft and have an opportunity to compete for an NFLroster spot.

To my European compatriots, it’s all about the party. And, as we watched Ryan Shazier [VIDEO], walking across the stage to announce a draft pick, and other incredible player reactions and stories, we had the opportunity to be inspired.

The Players

And not just university players, an Australian rugby player, Jordan Mailata, who’s never played a down of American rules football, was drafted in the final round by the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles Hey Americans, sometimes it’s difficult for a European or Australian, to understand a game called football when, in America, the game doesn’t use a ball and players don’t use their feet. … it’s foreign and counter-intuitive, although not as foreign in years past because of the games growing popularity. First Overall choice Baker Mayfield is expected to sign a 4 year contract with a fully guaranteed amount in the neighborhood of $35 million. Undrafted Free Agents are offered a contract in the neighborhood of $500,000 for their service. Instantaneous wealth was created with young men from diverse backgrounds realizing a life long dream in sometimes very emotional fashion. How can you not be inspired?

The Cleveland Browns

They have zero opportunity to be any worse than 2017s 0-16 record. The sky is the limit. Unfortunately, the schedule is tough, the Browns were already the youngest team in the NFL by 1.5 years on average, the draft made them even younger, and adding a quarterback, cornerback, and left tackle candidate with their first three choices gives their fan base new hope, although the hope must be tempered. The Browns, using their first three picks to address these three positions have opened a 10 year window to win a title, provided Baker Mayfield is a Pro Bowl QB, Denzel Ward is a “shutdown” corner, and Left Tackle can be played at league average level. Joe Thomas retiring created an unfillable void, Thomas is a Hall of Famer and teams can spend years trying to adequately replace Hall of Fame Players plus he played the all important position of left tackle.

As your team continues Organized Team Activities and moves closer to the opening of training camp, we’ll have a lot of time to evaluate how well teams did or didn’t do in the 2018 NFL Draft. Until then, we can relish in hope our team improved.

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5 NFL Teams Lacking 2018 Draft Capital

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In the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns and their 5 selections in the first 64 overall make all the headlines.  The Buffalo Bills also have 5 selections in the first 65 after the Tyrod Taylor Trade but the only news they’re making is how they are going to trade up into the Top 5 and select their “franchise QB”.  New England has 5 in the first 96 from the Garopollo and Cooks trades.  The New York Giants have 4 in the first 69.  The Cleveland Browns are not alone when it comes to acquiring draft capital.

On the Bills, here’s a decent opinion on the Bills Hanging Onto Their 2018 Draft Picks.

Also, an opinion piece on the on the New York Giants Trading Down to acquire More Draft Capital.

So, who are 5 teams lacking in draft capital with these teams listed above and their “massive amount

  •  The Houston Texans.  Outside of the trade with Kansas City to draft DeShaun Watson, in the hands of the Cleveland Browns (4th overall), 2018s second round selection (35 overall) was sent to the Browns, part of the deal for Osweiler in 2017.  Houston’s first selection in the 2018 NFL Draft?  68 overall.  There’s another pick at 80, acquired from Seattle as part of the Duane Brown trade (Houston owns Seattle’s 2019 second round pick, no fifth round selection this year, it went back to Seattle as part of the deal).  There’s a compensatory pick at 98 overall (AJ Bouye), a pick in the fourth, 103 overall, three 6th round picks (two compensatory) and a 7th rounder.  8 picks total … the same amount as the Browns, but it’s where the picks fall and their value.  Three 3rd round selections between picks 68 and 98 overall puts pressure on the Houston front office.  Who’s playing LT in 2018?  Who are the three starting CBs?  Do we agree there’s a need at TE?  What about depth on the DL?  The Texans can find help on the defensive line, help at corner, a backup for DeShaun Watson?, are the Texans Really going with Brandon Weeden because Nobody wants to rush Watson back in to service, Game 1 of the 2018 NFL Season? with these 3rd round selection, the Texans could find contributors to help make the team Better, nice and ready for Watson to return fully healthy, and in 2019 we’ll really have a chance to add what the Texans need through the draft and free agency ($62MM in projected cap space).  Don’t rush your Hall of Fame QB back into service #TexansNation
  •  The Los Angeles Rams.  They start their 2018 NFL Draft at pick 87 overall.  No first rounder this year, part of acquiring Brandin Cooks from the Patriots.  The Bills own their second round pick this year thanks to the trade for Sammy Watkins.  There’s a fourth rounder at 111 overall, acquired from Miami as part of the Robert Quinn trade, the Rams personal fourth round selection in 2018 was sent to Kansas City as part of the Marcus Peters trade (KC owns the Rams’ second round selection in 2019).  There’s no 5th round selection this year, sent to Denver for Aqib Talib.  Then there’s the sixth round for #RamsNation.  5 selections between 176 overall and 196 overall, including three draft picks in a row.  Let’s see what kind of prospect evaluation skills Sean McVay demonstrates in 2018 and have two seasons of data regarding McVay’s draft picks.  5 of his 8 draft picks in 2017 played in 16 games while Cooper Kupp (drafted by McVay in the third round) … do you have any doubt who’s running the show in Los Angeles?  Oh that’s right, the front office makes all the decisions on exactly Who gets drafted … played in 14 games.  The Rams are all in this year, they’ve been said to be having “the best off season”, but it comes at a price.  3rd round and beyond talent in 2018.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs.  They begin their draft on day two at pick 54 overall, their first round selection belongs to Buffalo as part of the trade to acquire Patrick Mahomes in 2017.  KC liked Mahomes better than DeShaun Watson.  There’s pick 78 overall in the third round, acquired as part of the Alex Smith trade, pick 86 overall, also in the third round.  Picks 122 and 124 (Peters trade) in the fourth.  Two 7th round picks, 233 and 243, both acquired in trades … and i can tell you right now the theme of the 2018 draft will be all the trading?  7 Draft Picks total for the Chiefs.
  • The Washington Redskins.  Despite holding onto their own first and second rounders in 2018, 13 and 44 overall, the Redskins only have four draft picks remaining after these selections are made.  No third round pick, part of the Alex Smith deal.  The next two slections at 109 and 142 overall are place swaps with Denver as part of the Su’a Cravens deal … an interesting note on this trade, a “clause” was written stating Washington will get Denver’s 2020 fifth round selection if Cravens appears in a playoff a game in the next two seasons … perhaps we’ll start seeing more creative trade clauses in the future.  Another 5th rounder, 163 overall, comes from Atlanta, exchanged for OT Ty Sambrailo.  There’s pick 206 overall in the sixth round, a considerable move down was made to acquire Kevin Hogan (18 slots).  Two selections in the 7th round.  8 selections total.
  • The Seattle Seahawks.  They own the 16th pick overall in the first round, there’s no second rounder this year because of the trade for Sheldon Richardson.  There’s no third round pick from the Duane Brown trade.  Seattle’s second pick is scheduled for Day 3 at 120 overall.  Two selections in the fifth round relatively close together at 141 (Brown trade) and 146 (the Marshawn Lynch pick), and another 5th round selection at 168 overall, acquired from New England for DE Cassius Marsh.  Three selections in the 7th round, including Mr. Irrelevant, the last Scheduled draft pick, i.e., not counting compensatory picks.

What do four of these 5 teams have in common?  They all made moves for “franchise QBs) over the past three seasons.  If I had to add a 6th team to this list, it would be the Philadelphia Eagles, they have 6 draft picks overall, a first rounder, two fourth rounders, plus one in the fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds.

Teams have traded away their draft capital and when you can’t add first or second round talent in a draft year, well, it can start to show down the road.  Great Houston, you have DeShaun Watson.  Well, this year, you can’t add any of the talent Needed around him, especially on defense and can you ever really have too many offensive lineman on the roster capable of starting?

And a final note … there is no player in the 2018 NFL Draft that can be selected at Number 4 worth more than three first round draft picks (two this year) and the first pick of the third round in 2018.  You’re foolish not to pick up 5 future draft picks for the #4 overall because I’m standing by my prediction the first 5 selections in the 2018 NFL Draft will be Quarterbacks.  Make sure we get in on the crazy trade action and acquire More Draft Capital because we already took our guy at QB #1 overall.

Draft Capital wins championships.

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5 Things We Learned in Week 8

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SuperMan is here to save the New York Jets and Rex Ryan.

SuperMan is here to save the New York Jets and Rex Ryan.

Week 8 of the 2014 NFL Season has passed.  Season is about half over and now’s the time to take stock of what’s really going on this season.

1.  The Chargers are pretenders.

In 10 days, San Diego went from toast of the town to pretenders.  2 division losses, one at home, in a span of 10 days has Vegas saying flip a coin in Week 9 on the road @ Miami.  Week 13 @ Baltimore, Weeks 14 & 15 at home against New England and Denver with Week 16 on the road @ San Francisco may have the “resurgent” Phillip Rivers on the outside looking in come playoff time.

2.  The Lions will be a force to reckon with come January.

They’re winning games they would normally lose.  Another 1 point win this week in dramatic fashion, in London, without Calvin Johnson or Reggie Bush.  This defense is legit.  And Matthew Stafford is quietly making a case he’s the best QB taken #1 overall in the past 15 years.  Detroit has their bye Week 9, the schedule doesn’t seem overly daunting, they own wins over Green Bay and Minnesota in the division, and a 1 game lead in the standings.

3.  Tom Brady and New England are far from finished.

A 51 point explosion at home against Chicago.  149 yards and 3 TDs for Gronkowski who looks healtheir and healtheir this week.  The losses on defense are catastrophic … again.  You’re gonna have to beat New England for the fourth year in a row to represent the AFC in SuperBowl 49.

4.  It’s Michael Vick time. 

Vick saves the Jets season and Rex Ryan’s job.  They win every game Vick starts and are alive for the playoffs Week 17.

5.  It’s the same old Cowboys disguised by a healthy DeMarco Murray. 

A terrible loss on Monday Night Football at home to division rival Washington with Colt McCoy making his first start in 2 season.  And Romo re-injured his back.  This week at home vs. 6-1 Arizona followed by a road visit to Jacksonville then the bye.  Do we see the new and improved 8-2 Cowboys heading into Week 12s division showdown on Sunday night against the New York football Giants?  7-3?  6-4 is where its going to be if Brandon Weeden is starting these next 2 weeks.

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20 Amazingly Leet NFL Predictions for 2014

August 27, 2014 | Posted in NFL | By

Back by popular demand, here are my 20 Amazingly Leet Predictions for the 2014 NFL Season.

1.  New England breaks Denver’s yardage record, Tom Brady challenges Manning’s 55 TDs, and New England wins Super Bowl 49. 

Aaron Dobson, Kenbrell Thompkins, Julian Edelman, a hopefully healthy Danny Amendola, and they added Brandon LaFell.  Five solid options at WR and this writer is banking on a healthy 16 games from TE Rob Grankowski.  Stevan Ridley adds power to the running game and Shane Vereen could be all world in PPR fantasy leagues.

2.  5 QBs pass for 5,000 yards

Manning, Brady, Brees, Stafford, and Rodgers.

This is the New NFL.

In 2002, 4 QBs threw for 4,000 yards. In 2003, 2 QBs threw for 4,000 yards.  In 2004, 5 QBs threw for 4,000 yards.

In 2013, 9 QBs threw for 4,000 yards and Dan Marino’s 1984 record 5,084 yards was surpassed by 2 QBs.  In 2012, 11 QBs threw for 4,000 yards … the same total, 11, as the years 2002-2004.  The NFL is a pass first league and the records will continue to fall in coming seasons.  In 2011, 10 QBs threw for 4,000 yards with 3 QBs over 5,000 yards, including two surpassing Marino’s 5084 yards in 1984.

5,000 passing yards in a season has been accomplished 8 times by 5 players.  Brees, Stafford, Brady, and Manning simply throw for 5,000 yards again in their careers, like Drew Brees has done 4 times in his career, and they are joined by 5k newcomer Aaron Rodgers making 5 NFL QBs with 5,000 yards.

3.  Julio Jones breaks Calvin Johnson’s record for yardage in a season. 

His athleticism, size, speed, hands, everything about him is All Pro.  This writer is banking on a healthy 16 games from Jones who easily replaces the production of TE Tony Gonzalez.

4.  It’s Tampa Bay in the playoff conversation Week 17, not Carolina

Lovie Smith has some talent on both sides of the ball in Tampa Bay.  Josh McCown shows he can start in the NFL, Vincent Jackson has an All-Pro year, rookies Mike Evans and Austin-Seferian Jenkins (first round talent) develop on the faster end of the WR and TE scale, and Doug Martin leads the NFL in rushing, with 1477 yards.

5.  Rob Gronkowski breaks Randy Moss’ record for receiving TDs in a season. 

See #1.  24 TDs for Gronk in 2014.

6.  Demaryius Thomas breaks Moss’ record as well. 

No doubt the Denver offense will roll this year, just not to last year’s level.  Now the clear #1 option in the passing game, his elite talent combined with the record assault on passing yardage and associated records has him hauling in a league leading 25 TDs.

7Reggie Bush has 2,000 combined yards and double digit TDs. 

Bush pounds out 1300 yards on the ground and another 700 through the air on 80 receptions.  The other running backs on the Lions do not matter, it’s all about what Reggie Bush does on his 20 touches per game.  This writer is banking on 15 carries a game plus 80 receptions … 320 touches, 16 games, 20 touches per game.  It’s realistic.

Maybe since the season is just starting, one can be hopeful and say Reggie Bush has 346 touches in 2014, 21.625 touches per game.  Bush averages 5.8 yards per touch over his 7 year NFL career.  346 * 5.8 = 2,029.  It’s not THAT far fetched.

8.  No RB rushes for more than 1500 yards.

In 2002, 4 RBs rushed for 1500 yards.  In 2003, 6 RBs rushed for 1500 yards.  In 2004, 5 RBs rushed for 1500 yards.  In 2011, 1 RB rushed for 1500 yards.  In 2012, 4 RBs rushed for 15oo yards.  In 2013, 1 RB rushed for 1500 yards.  The days of the 20 carries per game for a feature back are disappearing as the New NFL adopts a running back by committee approach.  The 2014 NFL draft featured Bishop Sankey, RB, selected in the second round at Pick 54, the latest a RB has ever been taken in an NFL draft.

9.  2014 is Tony Romo’s last season in Dallas.

Jason Garrett too.  The defense will be too lousy and Tony Romo will make key mistakes in key situations leaving Dallas on the outside looking in come Wild Card weekend in January 2015.

10.  Victor Cruz reestablishes himself as the go to receiver in the NFC East.

Because its the New York Giants in playoff contention come Week 17, not Dallas.

11.  The loss of Knowshon Moreno, Eric Decker, plus Wes Welker’s concussion issues, impact Denver more than Las Vegas odds currently indicate.

I wrote why Denver will not win Superbowl 49.   Hey Mike, it’s a website.  I can’t list everything on a single page, it’s why a website has multiple pages.  You have to clink on the links to learn more.  Manning and Denver will be every bit as explosive on offense in 2014 and their defense made improvements with the signing of Ware and Ward.  There’s simply less options … creating the opportunity for Demaryius Thomas to showcase his elite talent.

12.  Seattle plays on the road during the NFC playoffs as an 11 win team

The NFC West goes to San Francisco.

13.  10 wins misses the 2014 NFC Playoffs for the 3rd year in a row.

St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Tampa, Carolina, Dallas, New York Giants (do you really still doubt Eli Manning after 2007 & 2011?), Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, Green Bay.  13 teams, I didn’t include Arizona, Washington, or Minnesota and all 3 of those teams are going to be better than conventional wisdom dictates, and there are 6 playoff spots.

14.  2014 NFC Division Winners – San Francisco, New Orleans, Green Bay, Philadelphia in order of seeding.

Do the New York Giants win the NFC East?  How many wins does it take to win the NFC East?  8? 9? Does New Orleans win 14 games and come away with the #1 seed in the conference?  Will Detroit and Chicago both contend in the NFC North?  The NFL is so difficult to prognosticate.

15.  2014 AFC Division Winners – New England, Denver, Cincinnati, Indianapolis  in order of seeding

Will 2013 Playoff teams Kansas City and San Diego challenge Denver for the AFC West title?  Is Cincinnati really too talented to miss the playoffs entirely?  How good will Houston be defensively this year?  The intrigue is much lower in the AFC this season … Oakland, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Baltimore, Tennessee, Miami, and Buffalo are not in legitimate conversations when it comes to division winners.

16.  2014 NFC Wildcard Teams – Seattle, Tampa Bay

Anointing Seattle repeat champions in 2014 is ridiculous.  Writing the Seahawks aren’t going to make the 2014 playoffs is ignorant.  They’re too talented returning too many players on a significantly more dominant defense statistically than any other team to miss out on January playoff action.  Tampa Bay is one of the surprise teams, 2013’s version of Kansas City/San Diego.

17.  2014 AFC Wild Card Teams – Pittsburgh, New York Jets

Roethlisberger reminds everyone he’s a franchise QB and somehow, some way, the New York Jets find a way to sneak in at #6 amidst a 5 way tie in the AFC at 9-7.  You’ll need an abacus to figure out the tie breakers and Rex Ryan prevails.  He might be the greatest coach in the history of the NFL.

18.  2014 NFC Final Four – San Francisco, Seattle, Green Bay,  New Orleans

Seattle @ San Francisco in the 2014 NFC Division Round is just too epic.  Already playing two games in the 2014 Regular season, swept by SF, giving the niners home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs … their third meeting of the season adds to their already epic lore as it may be the NFLs premiere rivalry.

19.  2014 AFC Final Four – New England, Denver, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis

Belichick continues to madden Ben Roethlisberger and New England escapes with a win against the one team nobody wanted to see in the playoffs.  Denver handles Luck and Company despite Manning’s poor performance, setting up Manning v Brady, in New England, for the 2014 AFC Championship.  The intrigue and drama.

20.  SuperBowl 49 – New England v. San Francisco

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick play in a record 6th SuperBowl, bringing home the elusive fourth title.  New England will be all in for the next three seasons with Tom Brady playing the quarterback position.  A title in 2014, followed by a title in either 2015 (back to back) or 2016, would give Tom Brady 5 Superbowl rings.  There would be no debate, Montana never won 5 Superbowls.  In the mid 1980s, the Chicago Bears, Washington Redskins, and New York Giants prevented Montana from even playing in 5 Superbowls, and we’d be talking about Brady with 7 Superbowl appearances with 5 titles.  In 2014, there was simply too much talent on the offensive side of the ball and the resurgent Patriot defense, led by a healthy Jarod Mayo, the reestablishment of Revis Island, coupled with the best line backing corps Belichick has guided since Harry Carson, Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks, and Pepper Johnson all contributed to the Patriots magical 2014 season.


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10 Players After Round 7 That Could Win You A Championship

August 23, 2014 | Posted in NFL | By

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post on this website.  I’m an avid fantasy footballer and here’s a list of 10 players who are going to be amazingly leet in fantasy football in 2014.  It’s easy to say Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning are going to be leet from a fantasy football standpoint … this list is about players with an ADP past 70 in a 1o team ppr league.

Why 70?  At this point in the fantasy draft, teams are selecting backups because the first 7 picks should be prioritized based on fielding a starting roster, 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE).

Here’s the list, not in any particular order

1.  Kenny Britt, WR, St. Louis Rams – ADP 139

Someone has to be the #1 in St. Louis, it’s simply a requirement for fielding an 11 man offensive team in the NFL.  Standing 6’3″, Britt has the athleticism and experience with head coach Jeff Fisher.  He emerges the #1 choice for Sam Bradford who the Rams are hoping for a healthy 16 games.  Shaun Hill is one of the most capable backups in the league and this offense is going to have plenty of options.  08/26/2014 Update: Bradford tore his ACL and Britt was hurt in the game against Cleveland.  I still think Britt will be the #1 this season and Shaun Hill is more than capable.

2.  Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee – ADP 107

Same philosophy as St. Louis, someone has to emerge as the #1 WR, and my money is on second year man Justin Hunter, standing 6’4″.   The stability and experience of Nate Washington, a clear #2 in the NFL, combined with the emergence of slot receiver Kendall Wright, have Hunter emerging in his second year as the clear #1 option for a team with intriguing options on offense.  This is all about the health of Jake Locker who needs to prove he’s the guy in Tennesee.

3.  Marques Colston, WR, New Orleans, ADP 77

He’s healthy, supposedly, and at 31, there may be age concerns … Drew Brees and this offense is going to score a lot of points and produce a lot of yards … it’s been going on in Louisiana for years.  Problem has always been too many options for Brees with Jimmy Graham, Robert Meachem, Darren Sproles, and Lance Moore.  In 2014, there’s no Darren Sproles or Lance Moore who accounted for 87 receptions.  2014 first round pick Brandin Cooks (who looks special in the 2014 preseason) and the emergence of Kenny Stills … with the dominance of Jimmy Graham, a healthy Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas, there is no shortage of options … At 6’4″, the experience combined with single coverage, an additional 90 or so receptions up for grabs, Colston again reaches that threshold of a #1 WR.  He’ll frustrate you, but there are going to be some big games for the New Orleans offense and Colston is going to have numbers … you just gotta know when to start him.

Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Oakland, ADP 82

Like Colston, MJD is supposedly healthy and the only reason you’re getting him in the 9th round is because Darren McFadden is there and the Oakland Raiders are going to be terrible in 2014.  I’m gambling on Run DMC, as McFadden is known in the fantasy world, being hurt and MJD being the every down back for a terrible team where someone has to play the position of RB for 20-25 touches per game … That’s value in the 9th round.

4.  DeAngelo Williams, RB, Carolina, ADP 125

Jonathan Stewart, and his immense talent, coupled with Cam Newton vulturing rushing yards and touchdowns, and Mike Tolbert vulturing even more touchdowns, have owners staying away from Williams who wasn’t even drafted in one of the 10 team fantasy football leagues.  Injuries have limited Stewart to a combined 141 carries in a total of 15 games played the past 2 seasons.  Tolbert and Newton will still vulture TDs but there could be a 1000 yard rushing season combined with a bump in receptions when it’s all said and done based on Stewart’s injury history.

5.  Speaking of Jonathan Stewart, RB, Carolina, ADP 151

The offense is electric with him in the backfield.  Can he just stay healthy?  If so, there’s a 1500 total yard season and double digit TDs.  I’ll let you take the risk of a roster slot with him.

6.  Carlos Hyde, RB, San Francisco, ADP 100

Perhaps 2014 is where the torch is passed in San Francisco, Frank Gore is on the wrong side of 30 with almost 2,200 carries (second among active RBs) and 10,000 yards on those tires.

7.  Ladarius Green, TE, San Diego, ADP 133

Similar to San Francisco, the torch could be passed from an aging Antonio Gates to the younger and extremely athletic Green.

8.  Davonta Freeman, RB, Atlanta, ADP 106

Steven Jackson, the active leader in career carries with over 2,500 hasn’t played a snap in the preseason.  Jacquizz Rodgers has always been there so he’s not much of a threat to Jackson or Freeman, whoever is healthy.

9.  Dwayne Bowe, WR, Kansas City, ADP 114

He’s the #1 in Kansas City and maybe, just maybe Alex Smith is the guy for Kansas City.  Bowe finds a way to get into the end zone 10+ times and ends up with around 1200 yards receiving.

10.  Houston Defense / Special Teams

Jadaveon Clowney and J.J. Watt are going to terrorize QBs during the 2014 NFL season.  Lots of sacks, lots of turnovers, and with an ADP of 167, they can be yours with the last pick in your draft.  2 games against Jacksonville plus an opening game against Oakland isn’t going to have them on your league’s waiver wire for very long.




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Amazinglyleet 2013 NFL Predictions Revisited

December 29, 2013 | Posted in NFL | By

1.  The Cleveland Browns make the playoffs with a home game for the first time since 1994.

Nope.  Missed big on that one.

2.  The Baltimore Ravens miss the playoffs for the first time in the Joe Flacco era.

Spot on.  In what amounted to a play in game for the Ravens, Flacco threw 3 interceptions.  Get use to years of mediocrity in Baltimore with Flacco at the helm through 2020.

3.  Geno Smith is the starting QB for the NY Jets week 5 on Monday Night Football against the Falcons.

Spot on.  Smith threw 3 TDs in this game, dropping Atlanta to 1-4.  Rex Ryan comes back next year, that was a garbage team he took to 8-8.  Hey, that’s 2 outta 3 correct predictions.

4.  Tim Tebow has an All-Pro Season at TE.

Nope.  He didn’t even play in the NFL this year.  Guy must not be able to catch or run routes.

5.  Aaron Dobson, Jake Ballard, Danny Amendola, Michael Jenkins, and LaVelle Hawkins will be household names at the end of the season.

Aaron Dobson started some weeks on fantasy football teams, Amendola was hurt most of the year, and none of these other guys emerged.  The real star was Julian Edelman who turned in a 100 catch, 1000 yard season.  Hard to believe New England went 12-4 with what they lost on the defensive side of the ball, namely Vince Wolfork and Jared Mayo, let alone the turnover at the receiver position.  How far does this team go in the playoffs?

6.  Trent Richardson leads the NFL in rushing.

Nope.  And, he got traded.  There’s a lot of people who missed on this guy, including Indianapolis.

7.  The Cincinnati Bengals miss the playoffs.

Nope.  They went 11-5 and won the division and host San Diego in the first week of NFL playoff action.  Even if you win this game Bungles, you’re not winning in New England.

8.  The Seattle Seahawks miss the playoffs.

Nope.  They went 13-3, are the #1 seed in the NFC and they’re going to be very difficult to beat in Seattle.  They’re the most complete team on both sides of the ball.

9.  Colin Kaepernick rushes for 1,037 yards.

Nope.  Not even close.  He rushed for 5oo yards.

10.  LaMichael James leads the 49ers in rushing.

Nope.  James was hurt most of the year.  And Frank Gore is an ageless wonder.  He’s 30, it seems like he’s been running in San Francisco forever and a day.

11. CJ2K returns to form.

Debatable.  Close to 1500 yards from scrimmage, 10 TDs.

12.  The Denver Broncos receiving corps breaks all kinds of team receiving records.

Spot on.  Manning set the record for TD passes in a season, passing yards in a season, and the Broncos are the first team to score 600 points during the regular season.

13.  Matt Cassell leads the Vikings to the playoffs.

Nope.  Although Cassell was the most viable of the Viking QBs this season.  Blake Bortles, Brett Hundley, Johnny Manziel, Derek Carr, whichever of you doesn’t get picked by Cleveland, you’re heading to Minnesota!

14.  NFC Playoff Teams.  San Francisco, Green Bay, Atlanta, New York Giants, New Orleans, Minnesota.

I correctly picked 3 outta 6.  50%.  Seattle, Carolina (congratulations Ron Rivera, you’re not getting fired), and Dallas/Philadelphia were the ones I missed.

15.  AFC Playoff Teams.  New England, Cleveland, Houston, Denver, Pittsburgh, Tennessee.

I correctly picked 2 outta 6, 33%.  Indianapolis, San Diego, Kansas City, Cincinnati were the ones I missed.  This is why the NFL is impossible to prognosticate, Houston finished 2-14 and has the #1 pick in the NFL draft.  Who saw that coming?

16.  Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, RGIII win fantasy football leagues for owners who recognize this the new NFL.

The read option was a flavor of the month.  Peyton Manning won fantasy football leagues this year.

17.  Larry Fitzgerald returns to All Pro Form.  

Nope.  80 catch, just shy of a 1,000 yard season, 10 TDs.

18.  Stevie Johnson continues to be a fantasy football stalwart.

Nope.  He was hurt most of the year.

19.  The healthy St. Louis Rams RB produces more yards from scrimmage than Steven Jackson.

Spot on.  Steven Jackson, 640 yards from scrimmage.  Zac Stacy, 1000 yards rushing season and 1300 yards from scrimmage.

20.  Maybe 10 people in the world read these predictions.

Spot on.

So, perhaps 5 of my 20 predictions were correct.

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Amazingly Leet 2013 NFL Predictions

August 1, 2013 | Posted in NFL | By

Believe it or not, there are things I do and enjoy outside of WoW.  What did you do last summer between 3 Jul and 19 Sep 2013?  I went to Europe.  I love NFL football.  Mostly because of my fantasy football league which is entering it’s 19th season.  We scored our teams from the Newspaper on Monday’s, sites like were forward thinking pioneers.  Here are some out on the limb crazy predictions for the 2013 NFL Season.

1.  The Cleveland Browns make the playoffs with a home game for the first time since 1994 when Bill Belichick was head coach.  In 1995, when the Browns announced they were leaving for Baltimore, Kid Genius had duped some team out of their first round pick (does that sound familiar, the New England Patriots with multiple first round picks?) for the 1996 draft.  The new Baltimore Ravens would use this pick on Ray Lewis (they used their own pick on Jonathan Ogden) and the rest is history.  Talk about the right guy at the wrong time.  The Cleveland Browns, and Cleveland sports in general, are truly cursed.  Please come back next year LeBron.

2.  The Baltimore Ravens miss the playoffs for the first time in the Joe Flacco era.  Flacco got paid, but the Ravens defense that won two Super Bowls, is gone.

3.  Geno Smith is the starting QB for the NY Jets week 5 on Monday Night Football against the Falcons.  He’ll probably win the job outright because Mark “Sanchize” Sanchez is terrible and Rex Ryan’s team is playing for his job.

4.  Tim Tebow has an All-Pro Season at TE.  And the Patriots only have to carry two quarterbacks.  Kid Genius.

5.  Aaron Dobson, Jake Ballard, Danny Amendola, Michael Jenkins, and LaVelle Hawkins will be household names at the end of the season.  Tom Brady will make you famous.

6.  Trent Richardson leads the NFL in rushing.  It will be extremely interesting to see how the new rule affects rushing yards this season.  And, Norv Turner has been coaching 1500 yard running backs for a long time.  Emmitt Smith, LaDainian Tomlinson, Ricky Williams and Trent Richardson.  Coach Turner adds to his collection of 1,800 yard backs.

7.  The Cincinnati Bengals miss the playoffs.  Come on Bungles fans, are you really that excited about Andy Dalton?

8.  The Seattle Seahawks miss the playoffs.  As long as Pete Carroll is at the helm, this team is going nowhere.  The Vikings duped him out of a first round pick for Percy Harvin, who will be out until December.  If he plays at all this year.  And, I never buy into a year of work, I’m all  about a body of work, when it comes to Russell Wilson.

9.  Colin Kaepernick rushes for 1,037 yards.  That would be a record from the QB position.  The guy is like a gazelle and even though the read option is on film for 10 or so games, it will be difficult to stop.  Anyone who lived in Reno, Nevada between 2007 and 2010, isn’t surprised at all by his burst onto the scene.  I told a friend when he got drafted the guy was going to win a Super Bowl.  It happens this year.

10.  LaMichael James leads the 49ers in rushing.  Kaepernick and his starting RB at University of Nevada-Reno, Vai Tua, finished their careers as the all time leading rushing duo in division I college football.  They bested the previous record held by The Pony Craig James and Eric Dickerson at SMU.

11.  CJ2K returns to form.  Running behind Chance Warmack.  And a slew of other upgrades to the offensive line.  Kenny Britt plays, Jake Locker is serviceable, and the guy has something to prove.  This is way under the radar 2nd/3rd round pick in fantasy football.

12.  The Denver Broncos receiving corps breaks all kinds of team receiving records.  Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Wes Welker create a match-up nightmare for any team.  Peyton Manning starts 16 games, just like he has every year in his career, minus the year he sat out to get healthy to try for another super bowl.  It’s amazing a guy with a career post season record of 9-10 is mentioned as one of the greatest ever.  Denver plays San Francisco for the super bowl, assuming he doesn’t meet Tom Brady in the playoffs.  New England makes the playoffs because of Brady and they play in the AFC Least.

13.  Matt Cassell leads the Vikings to the playoffs.  Teams will dare Christian Ponder to beat them.  He won’t.

14.  NFC Playoff Teams.  San Francisco, Green Bay, Atlanta, New York Giants, New Orleans, Minnesota.  I think it is more interesting to talk about the teams not on this list.  Seattle, read above.  Dallas, bye bye Jason Garrett.  Bye Ron Rivera.

15.  AFC Playoff Teams.  New England, Cleveland, Houston, Denver, Pittsburgh, Tennessee.  Again, the teams NOT on the list.  Bye Rex Ryan.

16.  Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, RGIII win fantasy football leagues for owners who recognize this the new NFL. 

17.  Larry Fitzgerald returns to All Pro Form.  Please be available in the 3rd round at pick 27 in my 1o team fantasy league after I take Trent Richardson at 7 and Matt Forte at Pick 14.   Do we really live in a world where I can get Tom Brady in the fourth round of a fantasy football draft?

18.  Stevie Johnson continues to be a fantasy football stalwart.  The kind of guy who always gets rostered with RGIII, Kaepernick, et. al, and somebody has to catch 70 passes.  Find me an NFL team that didn’t have 1 player who caught at least 70 passes in 2012.  How many did he have?  69?

19.  The healthy St. Louis Rams RB produces more yards from scrimmage than Steven Jackson.  Isaiah Pead and Daryl Richardson, one of those 2 is going to be a household name by the end of the season.  Steven Jackson will be over valued, based on name, and Atlanta still has Quizz Rodgers who will earn his touches.  The days of the 20+ carry a game back are over, unless your name is Trent Richardson, Maurice Jones Drew, or Adrian Peterson.  Find me more teams that has a true Every Down Back.

20.  Maybe 10 people in the world read these predictions.

Thanks to those who have read the site so far.  I bet you’re better at PvP if you found this site and optimized your interface for World of WarCraft PvP.




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