CoD WWII Best Class Set Up

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What is the best class set up in CoD WWII?  I offer an opinion because I have a blog and you don’t.

Division:  Expeditionary

Primary Weapon: Combat Shotgun

  • Attachments: Steady Aim / Advanced Rifling

Secondary Weapon: Machine Pistol

  • Attachment:  Extended Magazines

Basic Training:  Saboteur

Lethal: Satchel Charge

Tactical: Stun Grenade

Flaming Shotgun Shells are already OP and you’re adding the devastation of two satchel charges, because you’re playing Expeditionary you can throw equipment faster and further … plus the all annoying stun grenade.  This is THE rage quit Class Set Up.

Hip fire Combat Shotgun kills lead to rage quits by themselves … throw in all the stunning and satchel charging, because you’re playing Expeditionary, you resupply lethals and tacticals, not by running over the body, but by running over the Red Sack on the ground.

I play mostly solo HardPoint, Master Prestige Level 215.  324 SPM.  1.56 W/L Ration.  1.13 K/D.  Yep, I’m terrible at CoD WWII, just watch my videos.

Below is a short video showing the class set up

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Some Amazinglyleet COD WWII Weapon Variants

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Prestige 1, Level 38.  9 days after launch.  Perhaps I’ve played CoD WWII more than you and have more expertise and experience than you.  In no way, shape or form, am I better than you.  I play terribad CoD.


What is the best gun in CoD WWII?  What is the best SMG?  What are the best attachments?  page rank me google, I have YouTube Videos and entire separate web pages with information.

What is the best Variant in CoD WWII?  What is the best LMG?

What is the best shotgun?  It’s certainly not the Expeditionary Prestige Weapon, Sawed-Off Shotgun.

What’s the best gun in CoD WWII?

I’ll make my votes for the MP-40.


What is the best rifle?


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Some AmazinglyLeet Call of Duty WWII Videos

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What are the best guns or best gun in Call of Duty WWII?  I played Beta Labor Day Weekend and made some videos.  Below, a view of the guns, attachments secondaries, lethals and tacticals available through Level 35.  This beta run didn’t give a preview of max level gear.



What’s different than previous releases?  They changed the game with ExoMovements in Advanced Warfare and now, in WWII, they’re doing away with the perk system, replacing them with a combination of 5 Division Choices, each with different Abilities, and Basic Training Choice.  These two facets completely alter the game.  Plus, no exomovements.  Below, a video showing the different Division Choices and capabilities.  What’s the best division in Call of Duty WWII?  I really liked Airborne and was frustrated I wasn’t able to learn the Classified SubMachine gun for this Division.  What is the best SMG in cod wwii?

Also, below, a video about the different Basic Training Choices.  What’s the best Basic Training choice or option?  Want to shoot down the plethora of Spy Planes in cod wwii?  You’ll have to take Launcher as your Basic Training to carry one of three Launcher (secondary) options.  You’ll practice leading the enemy spy plane with the launcher, there was no lock-on in the 1940s …


What’s the best Basic Training Option in cod wwii?  I liked Hustle.  Reload faster.  CoD WWII … this is how you get the perk known as Dexterity (Infinite WarFare), Sleight of Hand (Black Ops) … reloading faster has always been one of the most popular ability choices in the Call of Duty Franchise.

What is the best SMG in COD WWII?  I liked the PPSH-41.  One of the cool things about CoD wwii is the actual weapon names were utilized … their correct historical game … and let’s face it, we all needed a game where it was boots on the ground, I’ve already started practicing the drop shot.

Below are a couple videos Call of Duty:WWII featuring PPSH-41 game play on four different maps.

And hey, if you read this far and clicked on the videos … could you like them?  And if you didn’t like them, then subscribe and tell me.

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Resident Evil 7 – An AmazinglyLeet Review

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And oh yeah earthlings, your planet is Melting.  We’re investigative journalists though, we wouldn’t want to ask too many questions.  Why, with all these Named Asteroids making news lately and the American Electoral Process under intense Scrutiny, why would we take any time to write about the planet being 1.5 degrees warmer than 19th century averages … for the Americans … we must add the word indicating Celsius … and everyone agreeing this was the threshold for “noticeable” changes.  Just your everyday mid January tornadoes in Mississippi and Georgia.  Just your everyday early February 60 degree day with Fog.  Nothing to see here.  Let’s all play video games instead.

Like Resident Evil 7.  It’s fun.  Very graphic.  Creates Anxiety.  Solving puzzles, finding secret doors, gathering items like weapons and ammunition, and trying to complete the story line.  I’ve made a dozen YouTube Videos regarding gameplay.  I look forward to putting in more time and completing the story line.

No one wants to sit around and write about the end of the world.  If a giant asteroid the size of Texas were going to crash into the earth in 3 days, do you think anyone would tell you?  Amateur astronomers but you’d have to be taking pictures of the night sky over several days and analyze them, eliminating the known moving bodies.

We’re really hoping for a global temperature reduction in 2017.  It was a powerful El Nino, one of the most powerful ever recorded, certainly cooler ocean water will prevail.  Can I see a temperature projection based 2010-2015 acceleration for the years 2025-2035?  What like a FOIA to NOAA?  Haven’t I completed my portion of the act?  My request is in writing …

We report what we can … what They Let Us.  You’re the New  York Times … the last bastion of hope in America being told the Story because it Deserves to be Told.  The people Deserve to know the facts …

Thank you for your nice article on Antarctica Cracking.  Won’t it be like a giant ice cube?  Come on La Nina do what you can do … slow this Temperature Acceleration …

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CoD Infinite Warfare Master Prestige Grind

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Want to make levels in CoD Infinite Warfare?  Always be working on challenges which require you to change your class and be outside your comfort level.  Scavenger and Tac Resist are hardly my first choices for Perk 2.  Complete the challenges and never have to use them again is my philosophy.

What game mode offers the best XP?  A winning game of Domination worth 33,490 XP.  Okay Team Deathmatch lovers, show me Your evidence your preferred Game Mode offers better XP over the course of 10 prestige levels. Factors like winning the match and performance (Score Per Minute) are huge factors … running around with the same gun and the same perks and the same attachments and the same Scorestreaks putting up 35/10 with 4 captures and 6 defends every game and you’re going to make prestige levels quickly.

I’m an average player in performance.  Nothing special, currently .92 K/D,  1.0 Win/Loss Ratio, mostly because I’m making these prestige levels solo.  Playing match after match after match of Domination, the best XP game mode Regardless of CoD Release.  It always has been.

In the video, 33,490 XP in a single game of Domination … I finished Tier 5 of Scavenger with the HVR, maybe the best gun in the game, certainly at the top of the SMG tier although the Erad is far sexier because it’s an energy weapon.  You want to make prestige levels … neither one of these guns are going to leave you feeling shorted.

In the second half of the game, I switched to Akimbo Kendall 44s.  During this half of the domination game, I’m working on several challenges simultaneously.  Career pistol kills … sigh … 750 … a K/D ratio takes a hit completing these challenges, although I was 24/16 in this particular game.  I got 2 Nosebreaker Medals, Akimbo and Auto Sear Attachment Kills, to go with Cold Blooded Perk 2 progress and continuing to try and progress on Tac Resist.  Not a lot of players using the “stunning” tactical equipment, it’s by far the most difficult challenge of the tier.  I need more Death From Above Medals because jumping and sliding AND killing … Let me tell you why it’s difficult … it requires a gaming “rotation” to execute … jumping, aiming, And shooting … it’s difficult to do 3 things at the same time and move your left thumb … improving at jumping and sliding is going to improve your K/D and SPM, you’re going to make prestige levels faster.

I’m just someone who likes to make Master Prestige in CoD games.  Why not write about them and make YouTube Videos?  I already have the channel with Azeroth Content.  I’ll always be a gamer and look forward to seeing how my content Ends Up in Google Page Rankings.  GreenGoblin HD, you have sexy hits.  You’re sharing Beta a month before the release but you don’t have the “blog” to accompany.

I want to get clicks because the content is relevant and helpful.

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CoD Infinite Warfare Best Guns

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What is the best Gun in Cod Infinite Warfare?

Theories and opinions will always vary greatly.

My opinion … it depends on play style and the game mode of choice.  I’m a rusher having played approximaely 1,000 games of Domination reaching Prestige Level 7.  I play Domination because there’s an objective and spawns are somewhat controlled.  Team Deathmatch, or Team CampMatch as I prefer to call it, doesn’t suit my play style because the games are too short.  I want to play for 15 consecutive minutes, rack up 30-40 kills, and have ample opportunity for ScoreStreaks.  I end up with around 10,000 XP when I win.

Above is an opinion on the best gun in CoD Infinite Warfare.  The Erad.  “Rusher” play style favors SMGs and ShotGuns over Assault Rifles because of movement speed.


Above, the SMGs currently available listing the HVR and Erad as the two best.  Shotguns?

It doesn’t get any better than the Rack 9 Smoothbore, phenomenal range, usually one shot, one kill.  I wouldn’t recommend missing and I prefer to call this Gun the Rage Quitter.

So there you go, an opinion on the best guns in CoD Infinite Warfare.  Now google, page rank me.  Watch my videos.  Maybe you can “like” them.

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