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This post discusses the legacy dungeon players access after obtaining Godrick’s Great Rune plus one other for a total of two to gain access to East Castle Rampart site of grace and begin the dungeon. The dungeon features many twists turns all designed to confuse players and get them lost against tough mobs as they attempt to obtain key loot items. Many players will be looking to run this dungeon as quickly as possible and unlock the next part of the map known as Mountain of Giants.

East Castle Rampart

Accessing East Castle Rampart requires two great runes to unlock the gate. From the East Castle Rampart, players will need to make their way to avenue balcony. Players will be blocked by tough mobs that will not respawn upon defeat.

Avenue Balcony

Once players reach the first save point in the dungeon, they will be asked to find another site of grace known as West Capital Rampart. There are other save points in the dungeon, however, this information shares the quickest path to Godfrey, the first boss of the legacy dungeon. The Leyndell Knights and Soldiers present problems for the astrologer mage combing heavily armored mobs with shields and low hit points as the mage is sacrificing Vigor and Endurance for Intelligence and Mind. The direct path to West Capital Rampart is actually quick and fairly easy. The dungeon presents many other options to travel for loot and various dungeon mobs dropping key loot.


After West Capital Ramparts, again, the path to the first boss encounter with Godfrey is quite easy and quick to reach. All other routes are designed to confuse players are they obsess over loot but this information is focused on players who want to move through Leyndell Royal Capital as quickly as possible, defeat both bosses, and progress to Mountain Top of Giants.

After finding the Queens Bedchamber site of grace, players can make their way fairly quickly to legacy dungeon boss encounter with Morgott the Omen. Playing Astrologer Mage, the boss was melted on the first try utilizing Terra Magica and Comet. Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, and his God-Devouring Serpent in Volcano Manor are far more difficult than Godfrey playing mage.

Morgott the Omen

After defeating Godfrey and opening the Erdtree Sanctuary site of grace as a dungeon save point, players can make their way fairly quickly and directly to the main boss encounter with Morgott. The Queens Chamber site of grace will lead to the boss encounter for a Great Rune.

The boss fight was easy melt mode for the astrologer mage class.

Leyndell Catacombs

There is a dungeon within a dungeon in the Royal Capital called the Leyndell Catacombs and is a challenging path to navigate. First, players must find the Underground Roadside site of grace. This is easily accomplished utilizing the Avenue Balcony site of grace.

Underground Roadside

From the subterranean shunning grounds, players can make their way to the Leyndell Catacombs site of grace.

Esgar, Priest of Blood