April 3, 2022 | Posted in: Elden Ring

This post describes the steps necessary to complete Sellen’s Quest and be awarded an ancient dragon smithing stone, among other loot. Players will receive two sorceries along the way in the quest including Azur’s Comet and Stars of Ruin.

Unlocking Sellen’s Quest

Sellen is “unlocked” through a field boss fight in the Waypoint Ruins basement in Limgrave. Players can buy a few sorceries from her and after players have spoken to Primeval Sorcerer Azur, players have a dialogue box involving the sorcery Azur provided, Azur’s Comet. Players should ensure they exhaust all dialogue with Sellen before proceeding to the next steps. In this case, starting the quest, Sellen will ask players to find Lusat and provide players a glint stone key used to unlock the barrier guarding Lusat in Sellia Hideaway.

Finding Sellia Hideaway

Lusat can be found in Sellia Hideaway in Caelid. The entrance to the dungeon is disguised by an illusionary wall. Players can utilize the site of grace located at Church of the Plague, ride a short distance, and find a battle mage who is a tough mob. The headstone he is standing in front of is not the illusionary entrance to the dungeon. Instead, the hideaway is straight towards the cliffs and players can melee the wall to reveal the entrance. Other walls are disguised by illusions and eliminated by player melee hits.

Finding Lusat

The best advice I can give is drop to the bottom of the cave and players will find Lusat. And, I’m unsure how to exit the dungeon except by defeating the boss or dying and being resurrected at the dungeon’s starting site of grace. Upon finding Lusat, who is seemingly dead, players will be awarded the Stars of Ruin sorcery. Players will return to Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins and begin the Redmane Castle multiverse involving Starscourge Radahn.

The Elden Ring Multiverse

The Redmane Castle multiverse exists because players can slay this boss and obtain his Great Rune via Ranni’s quest. The Redmane Castle multiverse layers deepen depending on whether or not players slayed Radahn prior to using the Grand Lift of Dectus into Altus Plateau. What happens if players have activated Radahn as the boss of Redmane Castle by using the Grand Lift of Dectus? Players will have to ensure they talk to Jerren after defeating Radahn. I did not have to do this step because Radahn was already slain when I began Sellen’s Quest and is example of quest lines colliding.

Three Sisters Hidden Basement

After players find Sellen easily in Witchbane Ruins and taking her “essence” in the form of a Primal Glintstone. Players must then find Sellen and transplant her essence thereby saving her life. The secret basement is hidden by an illusionary floor in some ruins between Ranni’s Rise and Renna’s Rise. Players will have to know the area of the ruins to hit with their melee weapon to reveal the hidden basement.

Jarren might not be at Witchbane Ruins

There’s a rare section of the Elden Ring multiverse where realities change based on players choices and WHEN action and in what ORDER actions are completed. What if a player slayed Radahn prior to using the Grand Lift of Dectus? The choice on killing Jerren or killing Sellen could be the next step because players, like me, slayed Radahn as part of Ranni’s quest and Jerren was never in Redmane Castle for me to speak to him in order to get him to “move” to Witchbane Ruins. Players can proceed to the Grand Library in Academy of Raya Lucaria and run outside locating two markers and make their choice.

Help Jerren defeat Sellen

I felt dirty helping Jerren, but I wanted the dragon smithing stone. I thought this would upgrade my staff to level 10, however, I will need this smithing stone to complete my melee weapon upgrade to level 25. She had quick mage moves (the same I make involving barrel rolls) but she was no trouble. An entire multiverse has been opened because I made this choice to side with Jerren.

Help Sellen Defeat Jerren

Playing mage almost obligates one to help Sellen defeat Jerren because Azur’s Glintstone Armor Set is a reward and this set increases Comet damage by 15% but also costs 15% more mana to cast. Journey 2 bosses are being melted by Comet to this point without the set bonus. After achieving the set bonus, the author of this post was amazed by the damage against Morgott the Omen in Leyndell, Royal Capital, especially considering it was the Journey 2 encounter.