NBA Slate – January 12, 2021

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Six games scheduled

Today sees the third straight day with game cancellations because of COVID protocols.

Miami @ Philadelphia (-7)

Utah @ Cleveland (+10.5)

Denver @ Brooklyn (-1.5)

San Antonio @ Oklahoma City (+2.5)

Los Angeles Lakers @ Houston (+4.5)

Indiana @ Golden State (-3)

Boston @ Chicago (Postponed)

Truths to be self evident

Last night, the Raptors and Kings continued to show there is no such thing as easy money in Vegas.

Miami in Philadelphia play with depleted rosters in a game that could see a cancellation. The Sixers are on a back to back with Joel Embiid expected to play. The Denver Nuggets are in Brooklyn to face Kevin Durant without Kyrie Irving for at least three more games.

The Utah Jazz are in Cleveland in a game featuring a double digit spread and could continue to grow depending on Collin Sexton’s status. The Cavaliers continue to struggle scoring points.

Oklahoma City, winners of three straight, face San Antonio without DeMar DeRozen on the final game of a five game road trip while the Los Angeles Lakers matchup again with Fat James Harden and the Houston Rockets where the spread is deflating pending the status of LeBron James and Antonio Davis.

Finally, the Indiana Pacers complete their road trip on a back to back in the Bay Area against Steph Curry and company. Indiana is on a back to back and this spread expected further in the Warriors’ favor when Victor Oladipo’s status is confirmed.

The Computer

The computer, whom we respect, went 3-4 against the spread and 4-3 on over/unders. Predicting Toronto to cover was impressive and almost predicting a Toronto outright win. We give the computer bonus points for this and take away a bonus point for predicting Memphis and Cleveland to be in a NBA over.

Tonight, the computer likes underdogs Miami, Denver, Oklahoma City, and Houston to cover with Oklahoma City outright.

Let’s look deeper into the Oklahoma City pick. Two experts have gone on the record for Oklahoma City +2.5. 56% of the bets are on Oklahoma City with 83% of the money. The line moved briefly to +2, however, the line was quickly adjusted back to +2.5 indicating sharp action on both sides.

San Antonio is completing a five game road trip. They lost to Minnesota and scored just 88 points. Oklahoma City has won three straight and four out of five, all as underdogs because they get no respect. This game, with Miami v. Philadelphia, are tonight’s “easy money”.

The spread in the Utah game has grown to -12 with Andre Drummond questionable and Collin Sexton and Darius Garland not playing. Yet, the over/under in the game is increasing. The computer likes Utah by 16. Interestingly, just 46% of the bets are on Utah representing 94% of the money. The line indicates sharp action, moving from -9 to -12.

The contention is made NBA spreads are a popularity contest based on perception. Utah is the “easiest money” especially if Andre Drummond does not play. How can one disagree?

Tonight’s predictions

Cleveland +12, Cleveland outright

San Antonio -2.5

Miami +8

Houston +6

Brooklyn -1.5

Golden State -2

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NBA Slate – January 11, 2021

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Eight games scheduled

Last night, the NBA canceled their first game and today sees a second game postponed because of COVID protocols.

Memphis @ Cleveland (+2)

Phoenix @ Washington (+6.5)

Milwaukee @ Orlando (+10)

New York Knicks @ Charlotte (-4.5)

Philadelphia @ Atlanta (-6.5)

Toronto @ Portland (-5)

Indiana @ Sacramento (+5.5)

New Orleans @ Dallas (PPD)

Truths to be self evident

Memphis travels to Cleveland in a game with a under/over of just 206 total points while Phoenix is in Washington to face the Wizards without Russell Westbrook for the next several days.

The Milwaukee Bucks are ten point favorites on the road against an Orlando team still without Evan Fournier and Markelle Fultz lost for the season with Giannis expected to play.

The Knicks, now playing like the Knicks struggling to score 100 points, face a Charlotte team who have won three straight with LaMelo Ball becoming the youngest player to record a triple double in NBA history.

The short handed Sixers face an equally short handed Hawks team who just aren’t the same team without Rajon Rondo running the second team. The Toronto Raptors are on a back to back, losing last night to Golden State, and are completing a four game west coast road trip in Portland against Dame and company.

Finally, the Indiana Pacers take on the Sacramento Kings who could be short handed without Buddy Hield and Richaun Holmes.

The Computer

The computer, whom we respect, went 4-3 against the spread last night and 4-3 on over/unders. Tonight, the computer likes underdogs Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Toronto to cover the spread with the Raptors winning outright.

Tonight’s picks

Philadelphia +6.5

Portland -5

Indiana -5.5

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NBA Slate – January 10, 2021

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Eight games scheduled

Utah @ Detroit (+7.5)

Chicago @ Los Angeles Clippers (-11.5)

Oklahoma City @ Brooklyn (-9)

Denver at New York Knicks (+6.5)

Miami @ Boston (+6)

Los Angeles Lakers @ Houston (+3)

San Antonio @ Minnesota (+3.5)

Toronto @ Golden State (+3)

Truths to be self evident

Last night, the Philadelphia 76ers showed there’s no such thing as easy money in Vegas. The Nuggets were 13.5 favorites because the Sixers were missing half their team due to COVID protocols and the Nuggets failed to cover. There’s a reason Vegas sports books made a record $54 million dollars on a half billion dollars wagered on sporting events.

The Utah Jazz continue their road trip in Detroit where the spread continues to grow requiring Utah to cover more points. The Chicago Bulls, getting no respect, are double digit underdogs to the Los Angeles Clippers. Cleveland was a double digit underdog until Giannis was ruled out. Cleveland would have covered double digits as they lost by 10.

Oklahoma City, fresh off a win agains the Knicks, play Brooklyn expected to return Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Irving doesn’t want to play without Durant because he has to work too hard. Irving showed in Boston he can’t carry the weight and obviously Irving isn’t even going to try. There will be times Brooklyn rests Durant and Irving because the rest together. This is when the Nets will have value.

Denver plays the Knicks who failed to cover the spread as a first time favorite this season against the Jazz in their last game. Miami and Boston have a rematch with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown in question. Plus, Boston is still missing front court depth due to COVID protocols.

The Lakers play the Rockets and Fat James Harden with the spread hanging around three because LeBron James and Anthony Davis are questionable every game. San Antonio and Minnesota play on consecutive nights with last night seeing the return of Karl Anthony Townes. Will he rest on a back to back?

Finally, the Toronto Raptors, who finally won their second game, play in the bay against Steph Curry and company.

The Computer

The computer, whom we respect, went a paltry 1-7 against the spread but a dominating 6-2 on over/unders. Correctly predicting a Phoenix outright win carries weight outside the actuals. For example, there have been instances of the computer predicting the score of a NBA game. Far more instances of correctly predicting one team’s score. Instances of correctly predicting the total points in an NBA game. These instances add validity to the predictions.

Tonight’s predictions

Detroit +8, Detroit outright

Chicago +12.5, Chicago outright

Golden State +3, Golden State outright

These teams are getting no respect.

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NBA Slate – January 9, 2021

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Eight games scheduled

Denver @ Philadelphia (+13.5)

Miami @ Washington (+7)

Atlanta @ Charlotte (+5.5)

Phoenix @ Indiana (-3.5)

San Antonio @ Minnesota (+4.5)

Cleveland @ Milwaukee (-12.5)

Orlando @ Dallas (-6)

Portland @ Sacramento (+5.5)

Truths to be self evident

Last night, the Detroit Pistons showed there is no such thing as “easy money” in Vegas winning outright against the heavily favored Phoenix Suns.

The Denver Nuggets face a Philadelphia 76ers team with the required eight players available though they will play the game with seven players because the other half of the team is in quarantine after Seth Curry tested positive for COVID.

The Miami Heat, strong in every other game, face the Washington Wizards with Russell Westbrook questionable. The Atlanta Hawks, still without Danilo Gallinari and Rajon Rondo, face the Charlotte Hornets, winners of two straight as an average 6.5 point underdog.

The Phoenix Suns are on a back to back facing an Indiana Pacers team continuing to win without their best player T.J. Warren for the foreseeable future. The San Antonio Spurs face perhaps the worst team in the NBA, the Minnesota Timberwolves, who could potentially return their best player Karl Anthony-Townes.

The Cleveland Cavaliers complete their six game road trip facing the Milwaukee Bucks and are double digit underdogs. The Orlando Magic, short handed with the loss of Markelle Fultz for the season and Evan Fournier still being ruled out game after game.

Finally, the Portland Trailblazers face the Sacramento Kings, on a back to back, with Vegas expecting a lot of points from teams who don’t play defense.

The computer

Last night, the computer got a reprieve from analysis as real life resulted in missing six game predictions. For some reason, the computer does not want to show the results after the game has started. In my opinion, Sportsline recognizes how much time is spent on their website analyzing the computer’s predictions and removes the predictions on an account specific basis. If this opinion were true, meaning I’m seeing something different than other Sportsline customers, credibility of the entire Sportsline system could be called into question.

I can tell you the computer went 4-6 against the spread and correctly predicted the over/under in two out of three games. There were no A rated games to analyze.

Tonight’s predictions

Sacramento +5.5

Phoenix +3.5

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NBA Slate – January 8, 2021

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Ten games scheduled

Phoenix @ Detroit (+8)

Charlotte @ New Orleans (-7)

Washington @ Boston (-4.5)

Oklahoma City @ New York Knicks (-2.5)

Utah @ Milwaukee (-5.5)

Orlando @ Houston (-6.5)

Brooklyn @ Memphis (-1)

Toronto @ Sacramento (+5)

Los Angeles Clippers @ Golden State (+6.5)

Chicago @ Los Angeles Lakers (-9.5)

Truths to be self evident

Last night, Luka Doncic showed when you’re struggling from three point range, keep shooting.

The Phoenix Suns, continuing to grow from their 8-0 impressive bubble performance over the summer face the Detroit Pistons coming off consecutive double digit losses to the Milwaukee Bucks. The Charlotte Hornets, fresh off beating Atlanta outright as six point underdogs, face the New Orleans Pelicans who could be without J.J. Redick.

The Washington Wizards face the Boston Celtics who lack depth in the front court due to COVID protocols. The Oklahoma City Thunder, outright winners as eight point underdogs two nights ago, face a New York Knicks team continuing to win outright and cover spreads. The Knicks have won three straight in games where they were an average eight point underdog and covered five of their last six games. What happens tonight when the Knicks are a favorite?

The struggling Jazz continue their road trip in Milwaukee against Giannis and company having suffered consecutive defeats at the hands of short handed Brooklyn and a Knicks team continuing to show they might be pretty good.

The Orlando Magic, winners of two in a row over the Cleveland Cavaliers, take on Fat James Harden and the Houston Rockets who are perhaps getting too much respect having lost three of four and covering one spread.

The Brooklyn Nets, mysteriously without Kyrie Irving who isn’t playing due to “personal reasons”, and Kevin Durant continued to show they can compete with an outright win over the Sixers last night, face the Memphis Grizzlies who should be faded until Ja Morant returns. I don’t think Memphis should be favored over anyone.

The Toronto Raptors, 1-6 on the season, and losers of three straight are somehow five point favorites in Sacramento. Sacramento could be without De’Aaron Fox and his status will certainly move the spread. The Clippers and Warriors play for the second time in three nights. Should we expect a different result than the Clippers seven point win in their last meeting?

Finally, the Chicago Bulls, winners of five of the last six against the spread, face the Los Angeles Lakers on the second night of a back to back.

The Computer

The Computer, whom we respect, went 2-3 against the spread last night, and a sizzling 4-1 on over/unders. Tonight, the computer likes underdogs Washington, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Brooklyn, Sacramento, and Chicago to all cover with Brooklyn winning outright.

Tonight’s predictions

Sacramento +5 and will take extra points if Fox ruled out

Los Angeles Clippers -6.5

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NBA Slate – January 7, 2021

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Five games scheduled

Philadelphia @ Brooklyn (+1.5)

Cleveland @ Memphis (-5)

Minnesota @ Portland (-10)

Dallas @ Denver (-2.5)

San Antonio @ Los Angeles Lakers (-7)

Truths to be self evident

Last night, the Charlotte Hornets winning outright legitimized some of our efforts when combined with the Orlando Magic easily covering six points against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Philadelphia is playing on a back to back where their best player, Joel Embiid, may rest and coming off a grueling 141-136 victory over the Washington Wizards seeing Bradley Beal score 60 and Russell Westbrook dislocate his finger.

The Cavaliers are on a back to back playing their third game in four nights, fourth game in six nights, and fifth game of a six game road trip. If there was ever a “throw” game on the schedule, this is it against a Memphis team who played the Lakers relatively tough the past two games.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are ten point underdogs to the Portland Trailblazers who probably shouldn’t be ten point favorites over anyone right now.

The Dallas Mavericks face the Denver Nuggets in a game that could go either way. The Nuggets return Michael Porter Jr. from health and safety protocols while the Mavericks are still without Kristaps Porzingis.

Finally, the Spurs play the Lakers for the third time inside a week. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are both questionable with one expected to sit.

The Computer

The computer, whom we respect, went 5-6 against the spread and 4-7 on over/unders. Perhaps more importantly, the computer went 2-1 on A rated action, correctly predicting the Clippers by 5 and over 228.5 in the Bulls/Kings game. A rated predictions are now 8-9 on the season with the computer missing on over 231 in the Clippers/Warriors game.

Tonight’s Predictions

Memphis -3.5

Dallas/Denver o223

Dallas +2.5

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